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Jaimini Maharishi's Upadesa Sutras
translated by Sanjay Rath

Synopsis: Excellent new translation of the Jaimini Sutram, complete with original Sanskrit slokas & many case studies.

Sagar, 421 pages. Continued below.
Price: $24.00
Contents: Preface, List of tables & figures

Chapter 1, part 1: Benediction; katapayadi varga; aspect; argala (intervention) chara & sthira karaka; zodiacal/reverse count; dasa periods of signs; arudha; special ascendants; divisional charts; explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 1, part 2: Swamsa in different signs; Planets in Swamsa; The sun-rahu conjunction: detailed exposition; Gulika in Swamsa; Ketu in Swamsa; Sun & Venus associating with karakamsha; Tenth house, fourth house & ninth house from Swamsa; Effect of Mars & Venus on the 2nd from Swamsa; Seventh from Swamsa; Third & sixth from Swamsa; Twelfth house & emancipation; Nature of deity; Sixth from Amatyakarak; Black/white magic; Chemist; Leucoderma; Leprosy; Fourth house/5th house/2nd house from Swamsa; Speech defects; Poverty; Timing of results; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 1 part 3: Arudha lagna; 11th & prosperity; 12th & losses; Stomach ailments; Premature aging; Prosperity; Rajayoga; Conveyances; Royalty/power; Political power; Defense/police personnel; All dictum of Swansa to apply to arudha/janma lagna; Bondage; Eyesight problems; Symbols of authority; Explanatory notes/case studies
Chapter 1, part 4: Upapada; Renunciation or loss of spouse; Benefic sun; Benefic aspects; Death of spouse; Many spouses; Loss of spouse in old age; Status of spouse's family; Beautiful spouse; Desertion; Ailments of spouse; Saptamsa fertility; Predicting each pregnancy; Co-borns of spouse (and self); Detention; Stammering; Deformity; Complexion; Faithful spouse; Legitimate/illegitimate births; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 2, part 1: Judgment of longevity; 1st method of 3 pairs & primary life-span; Predominance of a pair of longevity indicators; Kakshya hrasa; Kakshya Vridhi; 2nd method of placement of 8th lord for longevity estimation; Kakshya hrasa/vriddhi rasi hrasa/vriddhi; Yoga vipareetam; Sthira dasa indicates death; Death inflicting signs; Rudra; 3 shulas & judgment of death inflicting sign; Maheswara Brahma; Longevity; Other details; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 2, part 2: Fixed significators for father/mother; Rudras for parents; Longevity up to trines of rudras/fixed significators; Death of spouse; Death of others; Dusta maran yoga or otherwise nature of death; Place of death; Prior knowledge of death; Last rites of parents; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 2, part 3: Navamsa dasa; Sthira dasa, Strength of signs; First source from atmakarak & other planets; 2nd source from Jupiter, etc.; 3rd source by placement in quadrants, etc., from atmakarak; 4th source from malefic associations; Shoola dasas for self, father, mother, etc.; Brahma dasa; Chara dasa; Ketu is a benefic; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 2, part 4: Second source of strength for chara/navamsa dasa; Dwara bahya; Narayana dasa (alias Padakrama); Karaka kendradi dasa; Manduka dasa; Niryana shula dasa; Other dasas from standard texts; Yogardha dasa; Dirg dasa; Trikona dasa; Lagnadi rasi dasa (alias sudasa) for wealth; Sub-period reckoning; Special rule to Saturn (and Ketu); Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 3, part 1: Raja yoga; Maharaja yoga; Timing of raja yoga; Conveyances; Horses & elephants; Rajayogas; Timing & yoga in distant places; Royal/government service; Royal birth; Panchmamsa; Royal emblems; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 3, part 2: Determining death inflicting signs; Finer points on kaksha vriddhi/hrasa; 3rd method of longevity estimation from lagna & moon; Kashya vriddhi/hrasa; Rasi vriddhi/hrasa; Timing death; Judgment of navamsa dasa; Brahma dasa, etc.; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 3, part 3: Place of demise; 4th method of longevity estimation; Death outdoor/indoor; Nature of death; Death by mistake; Dusta marana yoga; Kidney ailments; Smallpox, etc.; Planets in the 8th house & nature of death; The 2nd & 6th signs in the navamsa from death inflicting planets; Planets in such places in navamsa; Trimsamsa & kauluka for disease; Rudramsa for death; Manduka dasa in rudramsa & cause of death; Shastamsa for timing evils for self, parents & co-borns & relatives, spouse, children & enemies; Strength of signs in divisions to inflict death & other evils; 4th source of strength explained in detail; Paraya (gochar) dasas; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 3, part 4: Arudha; Upagrahas; Adhana lagna; Father; Conception; Fertilization; Miscarriage; Fertilization; Semen & ovum; Varnada lagna; Conception, Foetus; Sperm; Constitution of the child; Sex of the child; Mother's diseases; Complexion of the child; Principles; Birth of a child; Number of children; Twins; Deformed organs; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 4, part 1: Deha; Parts of body; Growth of body; Illegal children; Varnada lagna; Details; Happy child; Unhappy child; Pious; Scholar; Wise; Judgment of pranapada & adhana lagnas; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 4, part 2: Marakas; Sign aspects; Dentition & lips; Twins; Time of delivery; Time measure; Defects of child; Child discarded; Janma lagna; Other principles

Chapter 4, part 3: Sex of the child; Time of birth; Longitude of lagna from adhana; Color & sex from vighati; Varnada dasa; Complexion; Pranapada; Ghatika lagna; Bhava lagna; Vighati lagna; Sex; Time of delivery; Male or female; Hora lagna; Navamsa of hora lagna; Destruction of husband; Appearance; Nasty habits; Death; Passionate wife; Character; Principles; Qualified woman; Application to divisions; Judgment from varnada lagna; Lords of gestation; Judgment from lords; Deformity of foetus; Appearance; Difficult delivery; Odd & even signs; Determination of sex; Explanatory notes/case studies

Chapter 4, part 4: Sons & daughters; Sex of children; Menses & widowhood; posthumous delivery; Copulation; Manner of copulation; Place of copulation; Immoral sex; Possibility of birth; Possibility of conception; Houses of children; Significators of children; Explanatory notes/case studies

Select bibliography; Technical index.

Comment: In the preface, Rath writes, The Upadesa Sutras (Advisory stanzas) popularly called the Jaimini Sutras were originally in 8 chapters of four quarters each and, as the name implies, were meant to supplement the standard texts like Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra, etc. Maharishi Jaimini was a student of Sri Vyasa who was the son of Parasara. So, Jaimini must have been trained in the traditional Vedic astrology and gave these Upadesa Sutras to bring out the finer points of astrology. Thus, many areas like Chara & Sthira karakas (temporary/fixed significators) that find a fleeting reference in the standard texts are here explained in detail. Similarly, while Jaimini has dealt with 70 phalita dasas & 14 ayur dasas he has generally avoided the constellation based dasa (excepting Lagna kendradi rasi dasas or Sudasa), asking the reader to refer to standard texts.

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