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Narayana Dasa
by Sanjay Rath

Synopsis: The first book on the Narayama dasa, also known as the Padakrama dasa. The book is comprehensive in scope.

Sagar, 241 pages. Continued below.
Price: $16.00
List of figures; List of tables; Preface: Shankaracharya's prayer, Bha-chakra, Four-fold division, Trimurti (3 chief deities), Shakti, Divisional charts;

Introduction: Sun signs-zodiac, Sign characteristics, Ayanamsa, Sankranti, Tithi, Tatwa, Drishti (sight), Argala, Arudha pada, Chara karaka, Strength of signs, First source of strength, Second source of strength, Illustration;

Period of Dasa: Vimsa & sama pada, Dasa period, Exceptions, Dual lordship, Second cycle of dasa, Illustration;

Order of Narayana Dasa: Arambha rasi, Dasa sequence, Antardasa, Exceptions, Dasa trend, Illustrations;

Judgment of Results: Deha & Jeeva, Paka & Bhonga, Marana Karaka, Placement & yoga, Effect of transit, Ashtakavarga, Antardasa results, Effect of house, Dasa rasi as iagna, Note on the nodes, Conclusion, Illustrations, Timing marriage, Effect of deha & jeeva, Effect of dasa pravesh chakra, Life sketches;

Varga Narayana Dasa: Nomenclature, Initiation of varga narayana dasa, Periods of varga narayana dasa, Order of the varga narayana dasa, Judgment of results, Illustration, Drekkana (D-3 chart) - co-born, Chaturthamsa (D-4 chart) - property, Saptamsa (D-7 chart) - Progeny, Navamsa (D-9 chart) - spouse, Dasamsa (D-10 chart) - career (Dr. M.M. Joshi), Dwadasamsa (D-12 chart) - parents & elders, Shodasamsa (D-16 chart) - vehicles & happiness, Vimsamsa (D-20 chart) - spirituality & moksha, Chaturvimsamsa (D-24 chart) - Education, Trimsamsa (D-30 chart) - Evils;

Mundane Astrology: Illustration, Independence - India, Erstwhile USSR;

Altered Narayana Dasa: Theory of compression or expansion, Thumb rule, Illustration;

Lagnamsaka & Padanadhamsa Dasa: Introduction, Lagnamsaka dasa, Illustration, Padanadhamsa dasa, Illustration, President William Jefferson Clinton;

Appendices:Pachakadi Sambandha; Ghatak Rasi; Frequently Asked Questions.

Comment: Adapted from the back of the book: Maharishi Jaimini advised the use of some of the dasa systems taught by Parasara. Of these the Narayana dasa (also known as the Padakrama dasa) is the best & most versatile. This book is the first ever on the Narayana dasa. The author explains the Argala, Arudha Pada, Chara Karakas, strength of signs, etc. Vara Naryana Dasa (ie, the use of rasi dasas in divisional charts) is explained, with illustrations for each division, including the beginning & ending of the USSR.

For Bill Clinton, Rath gives: August 19, 1946, 3:44 am, Hope, AR. The book was printed in 2001. Long before then, American astrologers had established Clinton's birth time as somewhat later in the day. Rath says he corrected the time from a reported 3:47, is apparently unaware of the later chart.

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