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2004 Edition
by Nicholas Campion

Synopsis: Accurate, timed, up to date horoscopes for all the nations of the world, with copious notes & footnotes. Published by Wessex Astrologer, approximately 705 pages, oversize format. Continued below.
Price: $69.95
Contents: Horoscopes for every country in the world (some 403 numbered charts) with background notes.
Additional charts given in the appendices:
1. Inauguration Horoscopes (Reagan 1967, 1981; Gorbachev, 1985; Thatcher, 1983; De Gaulle, 1959)
2. Political Parties (Solidarity, 1980; Conservatives, 1867; Labour Party, 1900, 1906; Liberal Party, 1877; Liberal Democrats, 1988)
3. Towns & Cities (Rome, 753 BC; Constantinople, fall, 1453; Greater London Council, 1965; London Bridge, 1824; also ruling signs for about 100 cities, compiled from Lilly, Raphael, H.S. Green & C.E.O. Carter)
4. Economics (New York Stock Exchange, 1792; Treaty of Rome, 1957; European Union/EEC, 1958; European Union, 1993; The Euro, 1999; NAFTA, 1994; First oil strike, 1859; OPEC, 1960)
5. Conflict (US Department of Defense, 1947; NATO, 1949; Warsaw Pact, 1955; World War I, 1914; World War II, 1939; WWII ends, 1945; Vietnam war, 1964)
6. Continental Horoscopes (Medieval Europe, 476; Columbus, 1492; Cabot, 1497; Britian's Middle East Mandate, 1920; Yalta, 1945; Iron Curtain, 1946; Berlin Wall, 1961; Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989)
7. The Nuclear Era (First controlled nuclear reaction, 1942; First atomic exposion, 1945; Hiroshima, 1945)
8. Flight & Space Travel (First powered flight, 1903; Sputnik, 1957; First man in orbit, 1961; First US spaceflight, 1961; First man on moon, 1969)
9. Earth Zodiacs (Given as maps: Babylonian (two), Book of Daniel, Manilius, Ptolemy, Al Biruni, William Lilly (both zodiacal & planetary); Rulers of countries, compiled from Raphael, H.S. Green, C.E.O. Carter & Sepharial)
10. World Horoscopes (Hermetic horoscope for the birth of the universe; John Gadbury's World Nativity; Sepahrial's World Horoscope; World Horoscope of Allaeus; E.H. Bailey's Universal Horoscope; The Biblical creation of the world; The Biblical creation of man; Renaissance World Horoscpes; Sassian horoscope for the first man; World Epochs: Nabonassar, Great Flood; Religious Eras: Horoscopes for Christ; Calendars: Christian era, Muslim Era, Mayan calendar, Chinese calendar; Age of Aquarius: some 90 different guesses from many sources)
11. Discovery of the New Planets: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron.
12. Listings of degrees for planets & angles for charts, nos. 1-403.
Footnotes, select bibliography.

Comment: Revised, expanded, from previous editions, current up to the June 28, 2004 US handover of "sovereignty" to Iraq (10:26 am, Baghdad). In addition to charts, for all but the tiniest of states, Campion also gives potted histories, covering significant historical dates & for many of those dates, giving charts and/or chart data as well, often more than one. The last numbered chart in this book is 471 (Chiron), in the accompanying comments, is data (date, time, location) for two or three times that many more. Campion includes charts for every political entity he can find (around two hundred) no matter how obscure (Burkina-Faso) or short-lived (Espiritu-Santo). I should type out the full list of national charts, there are over 400 of them. Includes massive entries on the break-up of the Soviet Union, Eastern European changes, South Africa, the US, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia & more. This is the essential, scholarly guide to the birth charts of all the nations of the world. The U.S. entry, for example, is 30 pages long & includes 20 charts, 8 of them for July 1776, including the mysterious Sibley chart - explained! This book is lavish in every respect. It's also physically larger in format. The previous hardcover measured 5.25 x 8.75 (13.3 x 22.2 cm). This new edition measures 7.5 x 9.25 inches (19 x 23.5 cm).

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