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Donna Cunningham, counseling astrologer

Donna Cunningham is a counseling astrologer, but unlike just about all other such authors, she's not here to hold your hand & sob with you. Nor is she interested in judgment trips.

Donna has decades of experience in social work. Her goal is to find out what's wrong, why it's wrong & what you can do to fix it. For all this she uses astrology. So her books tend to be short on mumbo-jumbo and heavy on practical advice. No surprise she writes a monthly advice column for Dell Horoscope.

Here are her books. They're all excellent.

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Have you read book after book but still don't know how to read a chart? Stop learning by rote. Learn to reason astrologically! This is an "anti-cookbook", designed to free you from a simplistic cookbook approach to reading charts. Learn to strip a chart to its basics & start at the beginning with Donna's detailed analysis. Her newest book (1999). Contents: Looking a chart in the face; The sun, moon, and ascendant - working partners of family feud?; Plugging in the individual planets; What planet are you from?; A guided tour of the hard aspects; Soft aspects - when the living is easy; Piecing together the major configurations; Understanding transits - another way to use aspects; An overview of transits - seeing the whole picture; How aspect analysis illuminates chart comparison. 203 pages including bibliography and index. Weiser, paper.

HEALING PLUTO PROBLEMS - Donna Cunningham, $19.95
Introduction: By the time I get to Phoenix

1. Understanding Pluto in Your Chart: The meanings of the planet Pluto, an overview of Pluto's placements, how to use the delineations, delineations of Pluto placements, Pluto as a generational planet

2. The Personality & Character of the Plutonian: Recognizing Plutonians, how they got that way, the power of the family secret, emotional secrets & their contribution to isolation, Plutonians in relationship, sex & the Plutonian, the vengeful victim, Plutonians & the death wish, the hermit, the scholar & the researcher, the Plutonian as healer, psychotherapist & reformer, charts of positive Plutonians, helpful books for Pluto problems

3. Healing Tools for Pluto Problems: The purpose of this book is not only to give insight into Plutonian problems but to find tools to help heal them, the healing crisis, astrology & metaphysics, visualizations & affirmations, explanations of the flower remedies & how to use them, light & color therapy, the chakra system, easy does it, bibliography of books on healing

4. Guilt, Resentment & Pluto: Don't be beguiled by guilt, the guilt trip as a power trip, guilt as resentment turned inward, getting caught as a ploy in the revenge game, a litmus test for guilt, existential guilt & where it comes from, when guilt is justified & transformative, symbiosis, power & resentment, resentment as poison, how to get free of resentment & guilt, flower remedies for guilt & resentment, guided meditations, forgiveness & its healing power, bibliography of helpful books

5. Incest & Domestic Violence: Pluto in Scorpio - why it's all coming out into the open, facts & statistics on incest & domestic violence, the psychology of the perpetrator as Plutonian, the long range of psychological effects of being a victim, charts & case histories of incest & domestic violence victims, help for the victim, bibliography on sex abuse & domestic violence

6. Pluto, Death & the Transformative Power of Giref: How grief became gauche, death & the Pluto in Leo generation, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross & the liberation of the dying (her chart), what to expect from grief, being a friend to the bereaved, resentment as a component of mourning, guilt toward the deceased, consequences of avoiding grief, transformation of the lliving as a result of a death, dying with dignity despite it all (a case example of an AIDS victim with chart), mediumship as a form of healing (case example with chart), indications of mediumship, can you - and should you - predict death astrologically, healing tools for grief, bibliographies on grief, death & life after death

7. Transits: If This is Transformation, How Come It Hurts So Much: There's got to be a pony somewhere, what in the world is transformation, why does it hurt so much, the concept of theraputic isolation, power & empowerment, Pluto & the pregnancy trap, Pluto transits to natal planets & chart angles, affirmations, beating the post-transformation blues, is it possible to predict absolutely for Pluto transits?

8. Counseling People with Pluto Problems: Counseling considerations in dealing with Pluto people who come to you, advantages & disadvantages of working with Plutonians, healing tools to use, metaphysics & counseling, Kundalini rising - sex & the single astrologer, counseling the potentially suicidal Plutonian, the issue of separation

Appendix: Help for the beginner: For the person who is new to astrology, sources of computer charts & how to find your Pluto aspects in the birth chart & your Pluto transits, in order to make the most use of this book. Bibliography of recommended basic astrology books.

Comment: Our favorite book on Pluto & not what you would expect. Understanding Pluto in the chart, the Plutonian personality, healing tools for Pluto problems, guilt & resentment, incest, domestic violence, death & the transformative power of grief, why Pluto transits hurt so much, counseling people with Pluto problems, and, in an appendix, help for the astrological beginner (all those whose first taste of astrology was from Plutonian desperation). One of the classic Pluto books.

Weiser, 218 pages, paper.

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