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Vedic Recycled & Used Books, page 2

Good books for $5.00

These are not really used books, they're excess stock from two of my suppliers, though they are all several years old. As we got these for a good price, we're happy to pass it along. These are, for the most part, $5.00 each. Some we have in quantity, but for some there are only a few. Expand your library, expand your horizons, take a dare. The stranger the book, the more interesting its adventure.

Please note: Books published by Taraporevala / D.B. Taraporevala Sons, are notably crude in printing & binding.


Vedic Recycled books, page 1

1. Introduction; 2. Man & his mate; 3. Psychology...Sex...Astrology; 4. Romance..Planets & you; 5. How to improve your love life; 6. The stars offer you a happy marriage; 7. What makes two people "click"?; 8. Retrograde Venus & Mars; 9. Hints for would-be brides; 10. Memo to marriage-minded males;

11. For brides only; 12. For bridegrooms only; 13. Marriage is a co-operative affair; 14. Can success in marriage be foretold?; 15. How astrology can help you avoid marriage pitfalls; 16. Surmounting adverse marriage aspects; 17. Should I get a divorce?; 18. Was that divorce necessary?; 19. Can your wife manage money?; 20. How thrifty is your wife?; 21. Wives in the pay line; 22. Marriage after 50.

Comment: One of Jain's books that he "borrowed" from elsewhere.

Ranjan, 181 pages.

CATECHISM OF ASTROLOGY, vol. 1 - B.V. Raman, $5.00



1. General
2. Concerning the bhavas
3. Marriage

Comment: The individual Volumes 1 & 2 have long been out of print. We have obtained a few copies of volume 1.

IBH Prakashana, 111 pages.

STREE JATAKA, or Focus on Women thru Horoscopy - K.N. Saraswathy, $5.00



1. From Varaahamihira
2. Brihat Samhitaa
3. Mantreswara
4. Parasara Samhitaa
5. Jataka Tattva
6. Sarvaatha Chintaamani
7. Saaraavai
8. Phala Deepikaa
9. Jataka Parijaata
10. Jataka Tattva

Comment: Chapters 6 - 10 comprise 2/3rds of the book, and of that, Chapter 7, from Saravali, comprises 36 pages in itself.

Kadalangudi Publications, 96 pages. Printed: 1986.




Royal Horoscopes: Sree Rama; Harischandra; Ravana; Sri Krishna; Sudraka Maharaja; Adi Senkaracharya; Mahomed; Hyder Ali, Sultan of Mysore; Tippu, Sultan of Mysore; Peshwa Baji Row of Poona; Saraboji, Maharaja of Tanjore; Krishna Raja Wodeyar III, Maharaja of Mysore; Queen Victoria; Rama Varma, Maharaja of Travancore

Edward VIII, King of England; Francis Joseph, Emperor of Austria; Mutsu Hitto Micado, Emperor of Japan; Carman Sylva, Queen of Romania; The Raja of Coorg; Queen Alexandra, wife of Edward VII; Nrisimha Bharati Swami, Jagdad Guru of Sringeri; ;King George V of England

Kaiser Wilhelm, Emperor of Germany; Mahaboob Khan, Nizam of Hyderabad; Chamaraja Wodeyar, Maharaja of Mysore; Maharaja of Travancore; King of Denmark; Nicholas II, Czar of Russia; Queen Mary, wife of George V; Victor Emanuel, King of Italy; King Haakon of Norway; King of Sweden

Edward, Prince of Wales; Maharani, Regent of Mysore; King George of Greece; Alphonso XIII, King of Spain; Krishna Wodeyar IV, Maharaja of Mysore; King of Portugal; Queen Wilhelmina of Holland; Maharani of Indore; Chandrasekara Bharati, Jagdad Guru of Sringeri; Maharaja of Benarese

Sivaganga Swami; Sriranga Devarayalu, Raja of Anagondi; Raja of Pedda Kimidi; Raja of Pittapur; Eliya Raja of Travancore; Raja Pratep Singh of Pratapaghar; Mir Ghulam Ali Khan, Nawab of Banganpalli; Maharaja of Dharbhanga, Lord Cuzon, Viceroy of India; Jaya Chamaraja Wodeyar, son of Yuvaraja of Mysore; B. Suryanarain Row, the author

Concluding remarks; Horoscope for the time this work was completed

[Appendix:] Prophet Mahamud; Jesus Christ; Sri Thyagaraja; Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa; Sri Gautam Buddha; Alexander the Great; Rabindranath Tagore; Bangalore Suryanarain Rao; Subhash Chandra Bose

Prayer to God

Comment: This book was originally published in 1921 & looks to be a comprehensive survey of the world's royal houses as of that date, with particular emphasis on Indian royalty. Of note, the author's own horoscope is given twice, once on pgs. 90-92, where he is known as B. Suryanarain Row & the planets are given in their English names, and again on pgs 109-110, where his name is given as Bangalore Suryanarain Rao, and where the same chart is printed, using Hindi names for the planets.

On pgs. 101-103 is the horoscope of Jesus Christ, for December 25, 7 BC, data as found in the 1937 American Journal of Astrology, as supplied by Cyril Fagan. As this was the same year in which B.S. Rao died, we may assign the 1937 edition - of which this is a copy - to the work of his son, B.S. Chandran. Chandran is presumably B.V. Raman's father or uncle. Does anybody know?

The Astrological Office, 118 pages. First printed 1921, this copy from the mid 1980's.

PRASNA AAROODHA: Pragnana Deepika or problem solving astrology - K.N. Saraswathy & B. Ardhanareeswaran, $5.00



1. Introduction
2. Fundamental propositions, direction of the lost things, indications to find out places
3. Of roots & planets
4. Human correspondences
5. Finding of lost article
6. On Aroodha
7. On Chhatra rasi
8. On the rising rasi
9. About lost property
10. Of gain & loss
11. On diseases
12. On death
13. On heavenly abode
14. On food
15. On dreams
16. Omens
17. On marriages
18. On love & conjugal felicity
19. Of children
20. Of misfortunes
21. Of knives
22. Of shadows & shafts
23. Of wells
24. Of armies
25. On travel
26. Of rain
27. Of ships
28. Achievement


Comment: The introduction says this book is a "transcreation" of Pragnana Deepika. To this is added extracts from the Tamil Jinendra Malai. Regret that I had not previously heard of either book. Pragnana Deepika does not appear to be Phala Deepika.

In the Preface we learn that this book, along with Anga Vidya and Sakuna Phala Nirnaya form a trilogy. Of the three, this book, and Anga Vidya include original slokas, so it might be possible for someone to discover who wrote the orignal books.

The delineations are brief & wonderfully grim. Here is an example, from section XVII, On Marriages:

If Saturn were to be in the Prasna Lagna, the girl to be married will be poor and she will have children who will soon die. If Moon were to be in the Prasna Lagna, the couple will shortly meet with death.

But if Venus, Jupiter & Mercury were in the Prasna Lagna, the couple will live long happily. (Sloka 271, pg. 69)

I tried to find a "just plain happy" marriage sloka, but there weren't any.

Kadalangudi Publications, 122 pages.

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