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Astrology in the Year Zero
by Gary Phillipson

Synopsis: Where is astrology today, where is it going, what do the finest minds have to say about it, pro & con? Find out in this fascinating, informative book.

Flare, 268 pages. Continued below.
Price: $29.00
1. Two kinds of amazement: This book's method & structure; Better questions;

2. Getting interested in Astrology: Beginning with a mystery; I'm going to earn a million bucks; A natural talent; A will to power; Science meets astrology; A miscellany of introductions;

3. Sun-sign astrology: A route into sun-sign astrology; What do people get from sun-sign columns; Criticisms of sun-sign work; In the marketplace;

4. Turning stars into money: Business astrology; A case of fraud; A businesswoman's experience of astrology; In the film & music industries; A route into business astrology; Don't buy that ship; Millions of pounds from astrology; Sports astrology (1); Sports astrology (2); Sports astrology (3); A gambler's chart;

5. Personal work: A typical chart reading; Astrology & therapy; From the case-books of astrologers; Diagnosis & remedy; Free will & other short stories; How astrologers prepare; What is astrology capable of?;

6. Astrology & health: Understanding migraine; A practice in medical astrology; Can astrology be tested?; The designer health industry; The six non-natural things;

7. The varieties of astrological experience: Psychology & psychotherapy; Putting astrology on the map - astrolocality; The astrology of megaliths; The astrology of disaster; The problems of prediction (1); The problems of prediction (2);

8. Doubt in astrology: Religion & astrology; Murder, they said; Predicting death; National & judicial astrology; The astrologer as magician;

9. Research into astrology, part 1: Introduction; Why the interest in astrology; Basic issues in research; Subjective & objective astrology; Research methods; Reasoning from errors; Intuition & ESP;

10. Research into astrology, part 2: The picture emerging from research; Open-mindedness; The relevance of belief, a white crow; Credibility problems; Education & critical thinking; Modern science & astrology; Complexity & the mind; Summary;

11. Astrologers on the status of astrology: Natural & judicial astrology revisited; In praise of astrological research; On the limitations of science; Open-mindedness; Problems with research into astrology; Neo-astrology or neo-science?; Explanations of how astrology works; Criticisms of science's assumptions;

12. What is astrology? Science or magic? Astrology as science; Astrology as magic; As below, so above; Rituals & reductionism; The astrologer's mind; Mechanistic world, organismic world; What is real?; Back to zero;

Appendices: 1. Bibliographies & organizations. 2. Bibliography. 3. Time twins research. 4. Glossary, the astrological chart. Index. About the author.

Comment: Subtitled, Truth or Illusion? The inside track on astrology - based on over 30 interviews with contemporary astrologers & scientific researchers. On the back cover, it says, Researched & written over five years, this is the most thought-provoking, pertinent & controversial critique on the subject ever written. Which is actually true.

This is a wonderful book. Open it anywhere & the exchange is intelligent, the editing perfect. The format of the book is not a series of straight interviews, but a skillful mixture of comments on the topic at hand from a variety of participants, interspersed with the editor's comments. Compulsively readable, impossible to put down.

Contributors: Bernadette Brady, Nicholas Campion, Geoffrey Cornelius, Pamela Crane, Martin Davis, Geoffrey Dean, Adrian Duncan, Dennis Elwell, Suitbert Ertel, John Frawley, Adam Fronteras, David Hamblin, Robert Hand, Mike Harding, Pat Harris, Robin Heath, Maggie Hyde, Ivan W. Kelly, Warren Kenton (aka Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi), Lee Lehman, Arthur Mather, Maurice McCann, Christine Skinner, Rudolf Smit, Komilla Sutton, Graeme Tobyn, Noel Tyl, Shelly von Strunckel, Robert Zoller.

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