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Maharshi Jaimini JAIMINI SUTRAM
translation & notes by P.S. Sastri

Synopsis: Perhaps the finest of the various translations of Jaimini's Sutram. Includes some 325 birth charts & extensive, comprehensive, notes. Includes Sanskrit slokas.

Ranjan, 392 pages. Continued below.
Price: $25.00
Contents: Preface;

Chapter 1, Pada 1: Subject, Aspect, Argala, Karakas, Method of counting, Chara dasa, Arudha, Letters & signs, Different kinds of lagnas, Letters do not indicate planets, The shadvargas;

Chapter 1 Pada 2: Results of atmakaraka in various signs in navamsa, Planets in karakamsa, Aspects on Ravi - Rahu, Conjunction in Karakamsa, Gulika in Karakamsha, Aspects on Gulika in Karakamsa by sun & Venus, Results based on the 10th house from Karakamsa, Fourth house from Karakamsa, Ninth house from Karakamsa, Mars & Venus in the 9th, Seventh house from Karakamsa, Third house, Agriculture, Twelfth house, Deity of the native, Sixth house from Amatya Karaka, Mantrika, Chemist, Leucoderma, Leprosy, Fourth house, Karakamsa & the fifth house, Second house, Stammerings, Kemadruma yoga, Time of fruition;

Chapter 1 Pada 3: Arudha lagna, Prosperity, Twelfth house from Arudha lagna, Expenditure, Losses, Ailment of the stomach, Premature aging, Prosperity, Yogas, Raja yogas, Conveyances, Royalty or supreme power, Raja yogas, Political power, Commander of army, Aspects as Karakamsa & Janma lagna, Imprisonment, Eye disease, Symbols of supreme power;

Chapter 1 Pada 4: Upapada, Renunciation or loss of wife, Sun is not a malefic, Benefic aspects, Death of wife, Many wives, Loss of wife in old age, Wife from a noble family, Wife from a low family, Beautiful wife, Desertion of wife, Ailments of the wife, Navamsa of the seventh from upapada, The results, General principle of judging these, Brothers & sisters, Teeth, Stammering, Deformity, Colors, Devotion, Legitimate or illegitimate birth;

Chapter 2 Pada 1: How to judge longevity, Principles based as triplicity, Second method, Third method, How to resolve different conclusions, Reduction of a Kakshya, Different view, Jaimini's view, Increase of a Kakshya, Yoga for death, Exception to the above, Special features about the above, Long life, Strength of signs, Reduction of Kakshya & increase of Kakshya, Yoga for death in Sthira dasa, Yogas for death, Death-inflicting sign. Rudra, Longevity up to Shula rasi, Yogas for death, Mahesvara, Brahma, Longevity from Mahesvara, Planet causing death;

Chapter 2 Pada 2: Father, Mother, Death of parents, A different view, Longevity of parents, Death of wife, Deaths of others, Auspicious & inauspicious kinds of death, Special features about death from the planets, Place of death, Conscious or unconscious at the time of death, Funeral rites for father;

Chapter 2 Pada 3: Navamsa dasa, Sthira dasa, Strength of signs - first source, Second source of strength, Third source of strength, Fourth source of strength, Shula dasa, Brahma dasa, Source of strength, Succession dasas in Chara dasa, Ketu is a benefic;

Chapter 2 Pada 4: Sub periods in Chara dasa, Dvara & Bahya rasis, Kendra dasa, Karaka Kendra dasa, Kendradi rasi dasa, Karaka Kendra dasa, Manduka dasa, Niryana shula dasa, Sequence of dasas, Yogardha dasa, The first dasa, Drig dasa, Trikona dasa - how to count, Trikona dasa, Nakshatra dasa, Results, Sub-periods, Results of major & minor periods;

Chapter 3 Pada 1: Maharaja yogas, Conveyances, Rajayogas, King, Yuva raja yogas, Prosperity, Ruler, Great persons, Service, Noble family, Ruler, Royal emblems;

Chapter 3 Pada 2: Longevity, Kakshyas, Longevity, Dvara & bahya signs, Dasas of death, Rudra, Maheshvara & Brahma, Death;

Chapter 3 Pada 3: Place of death, Death by an order of the ruler, Punya rasis, Violent death, Untimely death, Death inside, Death from a weapon, etc., Death from one's own mistakes, Killed by others, Violent death from enemies, Kidney ailment, Nature of death, Beaten to death, Snake-bite, Poison, Diarrhea etc., Natural death, Law, Poison, Fever, Enemies, Leprosy, Cholera, Swords, Tragic end, Enemies, Drowning, Eruptions, Falling, Enemies, Urinary ailments, Poisoning, Snake bite, Black magic, Death, Kaulakas, Diseases, Water, Consumption, Excretory system, Weapons etc., Death from enemies & relatives, Quarrels, Death of parents, Death from love, Poison, Houses of death, Fall, Consciousness, Digestive system, Enemies, Accidents, Diseases, Limbs, Strength of signs, Sub periods, Longevity & death of mother, Houses of death;

Chapter 3 Pada 4: Arudha, Upagrahas, Adhana lagna, Father, Conception, Fertilization, Miscarriage, Fertilization, Semen & ovum, Varnada lagna, Conception, Foetus, Sperm, Constitution of the child, Sex of the child, Mother's diseases, Color of the child, Principles, Birth of a child, Number of children, Twins, Deformed organs;

Chapter 4 Pada 1: Deha, Limbs of the foetus, Growth of limbs, Illegal children, Caste, Qualities, Female children, Happy child, Unhappy child, Pious, Scholar, Wise, Judgment of Pranapada & adhana lagnas;

Chapter 4 Pada 2: Marakas, Bhava aspects, Deformed child, Twins, Time of delivery, Time measure, Defects of child, Child abandoned, Janma lagna, Other principles;

Chapter 4 Pada 3: Sex of the child, Time of birth, Longitude of lagna from adhana, Color & sex, Varnada dasa, Complexion, Pranapada, Ghatika lagna, Bhava lagna, Vighati lagna, Sex, Time of delivery, Male or female, Hora lagna, Navamsa of hora lagna, Destruction of husband, Appearance, Nasty habits, Death, Passionate wife, Character of woman, Principles, Qualified woman, Female horoscope from navamsa, Judgment from Varnada lagna, Lords of gestation, Judgment from lords, Deformity of foetus, Appearance, Difficult delivery, Odd & even signs, Determination of sex;

Chapter 4 Pada 4: Sons & daughters, Sex of children, Menses & widowhood, Copulation, Manner of copulation, Place of copulation, Immoral sex, Possibility of birth, Possibility of conception, Houses of children, Significators of children; Errata.

Comment: From the Preface: The main principles outlined in these Aphorisms appear in the now available text of Parasara, Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra. Chapters 7 to 11, Chapters 24 to 27, and a part of the 35th chapter present the system of Jaimini. These portions appear to be inserted into Parasara's text either by Parasara himself or by some other later writer. This is clear from a comparison of the principles outlined by Jaimini with those appearing in the other chapters of Parasara's text. If the student of Parasara's text is not careful, he will mix up the two systems & get himself in contradictions & confusions. [Emphasis original.] Jaimini himself clearly stated that what he has not touched upon is to be taken from the texts of other great masters, provided the principles given in these texts do not run contrary to what he has laid down. This makes the present translator hold that Jaimini's Aphorisms are contemporaneous with or later than Parasara's text.

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