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Secrets of Ashtakavarga
by Acharya Mukunda Daivajna, translated & and with notes by P.S. Sastri

Synopsis: From 1942, a treatise on Ashtakavarga, written in Sanskrit. Includes original slokas. Notes apparently by the author, not the translator.

Ranjan, 202 pages. Continued below.
Price: $18.00
Contents: Publisher's note;

1. Obeisance to Narayana, Importance of ashtakavarga, Technical words, Ashtakavarga rekhas (auspicious places) for the planets (Sun to Rahu) from their natal positions;

2. Bhinnashtakavarga: Results of sign with auspicious points (Rekhas), Deduction of Rekhas & bindus explained, Auspicious & inauspicious results, Results of Rekhas in signs, Results of planets with Rekhas, Results of Saturn without Rekhas, Results of 1 to 8 Rekhas of the sun, Results of sun's bindus, Result of moon's Rekhas & bindus, Result of Mars's Rekhas & bindus, Result of Mercury's Rekhas & bindus, Result of Jupiter's Rekhas & bindus, Result of Venus's Rekhas & bindus, Result of Saturn's Rekhas & bindus, Results of the sun in different houses, Auspicious & inauspicious day from sun's Ashtaka, inauspicious year from sun's Rekhas, Results of planets from moon to Saturn in different houses - their inauspicious years, Results of other planets in Saturn-ashtaka, Knowledge of bad times by Saturn's Rekhas & transit;

3. Aggregate Ashtakavarga: Aggregate ashtakavarga charts, Results of the total number of Rekhas in each house & in each sign, Results of planets with Rekhas in each house & in each sign, Results of planets with few Rekhas in own house, friends' house, in exaltation, in shadvargas of benefics, Three groups of signs, Results of 120 Rekhas, Rekhas in lagna house & auspicious year, Rekhas of Saturn & inauspicious year, Rekhas concerned with longevity, Rajayogas, Names of houses, Wealth giving direction, Death inflicting direction;

4. Ashtakavarga of Transiting Planets: Formation of chart, Placement of planets, Results of a planet transiting a sign, Transit period of planets in one sign, Adhisthata sign, Arishta sign, Gantavya sign, Auspicious & inauspicious strength of planets, Rekha-blind-vinshopak, Kakshyas, Planets governing parts of body, Results of houses transited by planets, Larger number of Rekhas & time of auspicious events, Auspicious & inauspicious results from Chandra-rekha, Auspicious & inauspicious day & month according to the number of Rekhas, Ashtakavarga in auspicious events like marriage, Necessity of reduction in ashtakavarga;

5. Prastara Ashtakavarga: Reduction of trinal signs, Reduction for a planet owning two signs (Ekadhipatya Sodhana), Shodhya pinda, Sign multipliers;

6. Results of Ashtakavarga arising from planets: Ashtakavarga of the sun, Problems concerning father, Son completes unfinished work of father, Wealth from father, Ashtakavarga of the sun & physical ailments, Matters related to the ashtakavarga of moon, Troubles of mother, Matters related to the ashtakavarga of Kuja, Matters related to Mercury & Jupiter, Lack of children, Troubles to progeny, Matters related to Venus, Number & nature of wives, Direction of marriage, Birth sign of wife, Troubles to wife, Contacts with low caste woman, Yogas of adultery by man, Yogas of adultery by wife, Sorrows & difficulties due to wife, Trouble to wife, Matters related to Saturn's ashtakavarga, Time of death, Karaka planet, Vainashika nakshatra, Results of weak planet, Results should be considered only from the concerned planet's ashtakavarga;

7. Results of the Ashtakavarga from the houses: Signification of the houses, Promotion & destruction of the houses, Results of planets in trika houses, Results of Rekhas in houses, Results of houses without Rekhas, Results from the houses occupied by planets, Results of house by transit, Ashtakavarga results through transit, Time of destruction of a house, Month of troubles & difficulties, Month of death;

8. Longevity based on Ashtakavarga: Bhinnashtakavarga longevity, Mandala Shuddha longevity & medium longevity, Single sign reduction, Reduction in enemy house, Chandrardha reduction, Reduction due to defeat in war, due to placement of sun & moon with Rahu & Ketu, due to debilitation & combustion, Loss of longevity due to placement of planets in 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 5th, 7th & 6th houses, Calculation of longevity by different methods, Period of planet in ashtakavarga, Use of Dhruva in determining dasha period, Longevity based of Samudaya Ashtakavarga, Yavaneshwara's view in calculation of dasha results, Results of a planet in transit;

9. Arishta from Ashtakavarga: Death by transit of Shani, Knowledge of death through 30th decanate of sun & moon from lagna, Time of death by transit of sun & moon, Consideration of the lagna of death-time, Jiva, deha & mandi sadhana, Significance of ashtakavarga, Importance of the book, about the author.

Comment: The last paragraph in the book, about the author (not Sastri, he's the translator), says this: In Garhwal there is a beautiful place called Deva Prayaga. Near it lies the village Khanda. There a Brahmana called Mukunda Daivajna was born. He studied carefully all the authoritative texts on astrology. In the Vikram Era 1999 (1942 AD) on the tenth day of the bright half of the lunar month Chaitra, coinciding on the Friday and with the Sun in the sign of Mina, he completed this work. May the lord Radhakrishan be pleased with this work. It is March 27, 1942 AD.

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