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Celestial Influences Wall Calendar 2014
by Jim Maynard

The 2014 season is now open. We are now taking orders for 2014 calendars, which we expect in early November. As we will not charge cards until calendars actually arrive, please use cards that expire in 2014 or later. Not 2013. - Dave

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Illustrations are from 2013.
I will have 2014 on-line as soon as stock arrives. - Dave

Synopsis: Your daily guide to what's up in the heavens, timed to the minute, in your choice of EASTERN or PACIFIC times, using Standard time in the winter & Daylight in the summer. Of the many astrological calendars, this has long been our personal favorite. Read the complete list of contents below.

Quicksilver Productions, 48 pages.

Price: $12.95

For each day of the month:

In the upper right corner: The moon's entry into signs & void of course.
Lower right: The aspects (including eclipses & occultations).
Upper left: The date, or the lunar phase/eclipse.
Lower left: Famous birthdays.

The top half of the calendar has the month's art, the month's ephemeris (calculated for noon GMT), planting days, visibility of planets & keywords for the zodiacal sign of the month.

Before the monthly pages:

Then follows the monthly pages, January through December.

After the monthly pages:

Size (open): 12 inches horizontal, 18 inches vertical, or 30.5 cm horizontal, 46 cm vertical.

Published by Quicksilver Productions, printed in China.

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