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Jim Maynard's Pocket Astrologer 2014

The 2014 season is now open. We are now taking orders for 2014 calendars, which we expect in early November. As we will not charge cards until calendars actually arrive, please use cards that expire in 2014 or later. Not 2013. - Dave

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Illustrations are from 2013.
I will have 2014 on-line as soon as stock arrives. - Dave

Overview: The calendar pages in Maynard's Pocket Astrologer are an exact duplication of the wall calendar, but very much smaller. Please see notes here for a description of the monthly calendar pages. As with Maynard's wall calendar, both STANDARD & DAYLIGHT times are used. As the printing is very tiny, I've always found the type too small to read, but Maynard's Pockets are quite popular. So it might just be my eyes (they're not what they used to be). Continued below.

Quicksilver Productions, printed in China. Size (closed): 4.2 x 5.45 inches, or 11.6 x 13.9 cm.

Price: $6.95

Before the calendar pages:
  • Inside front cover: Calendar for 2014 & a 5 inch ruler.
  • Pg 1: Title page
  • Pg. 2: Planetary motions & retrogrades
  • Pg. 3 Table of contents, planets visible mornings & evenings
  • Pgs. 4-5 Eclipses, Chinese year of the Horse, Occultations by the Moon, Visible meteor showers
  • Pgs 6-9: Signs of the zodiac
  • Pgs 9-12: The planets
  • Pgs 13-16: Aspects, especially lunar aspects
  • Pgs 16-19: Moon through the signs
  • Pg 20: The lunar cycle explained
  • Pg 21: Void of course explained
  • Pg 22: Planting by the moon
  • Pg 23: Time corrections, with world map

Pgs 24 - 49: The monthly calendars. Pages 48-49 are January & February of 2015.

After the monthly pages:

  • Pgs 50-61: Ephemeris with declinations for 2014 (NOON, GMT). Eris is now given monthly.
  • Pg. 62: Ephemeris for the four major asteroids & Chiron, every 8 days
  • Pg. 63: Blank chart wheel
  • Pg 64: Advertising
  • Inside back cover: LMT tables of sunrise/sunset, every 10 degrees/10 days, and a ruler in centimeters, 1-13 cm.

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