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by L.R. Chawdhri

Synopsis: The largest, most comprehensive of all the books on female astrology.

Sagar, 550 pages. Continued below.
Price: $28.00
Contents: Preface;
1. Ladies ascendant;
2. Moon & females: Moon, gand mool, birth star of females, moon in signs, moon sign of females, moon in houses, moon & menstrual periods, maternity & infant deaths, love, sex potentiality, marriage & moon, conjunction of moon with other planets

3. The houses, signs & planets;
4. Education & profession: education, authorship, professions - lawyers, engineer, doctor, artist, actor, musician, politics, journalist, editors, auditor, lecturer & teacher;

5. Your husband please: biodata of your husband, love marriage & your husband, widower husband, co-wives, impotent husband, relations with, no husband for you, late or delayed acquisition of husband, your husband's ascendant, moon & your husband, planets & your husband, love marriage, love at first sight, impotency, unable to enjoy sex;

6. Marriage & married life: bachelor, no marriage, delayed marriage, other marriages, time of marriage, married life - happy & unhappy, good & honest wife or husband, co-wives & plural marriages, separation & divorce, planets in 7th house, lord of 7th house, what leads to divorce, plural or multiple marriages, widowhood, sun & marriage, Mars & marriage, Mars the wife-killer, material prosperity, Ladies check yourself through this mirror, Know your inlaws, taming the mother-in-law, matching of horoscopes;

7. Richness & poverty;
8. Diseases: blindness, deafness & dumbness, polio, abortions, paralysis, ovary & uterus diseases, gout, heart attack, cancer, sexual diseases, frigidity, eye diseases, suicides, fire deaths, impotency;

9. Children: 5th house, balarishta, sons, second wife & 9th house, barren women, abortions, no issues or dead children, acquisition of children, no conception, number of issues, family extinction, illegitimate children, adoption of child, time of birth of son, happiness or otherwise from children, virility or enunchness, tantrik upaye for no child, yogas for one or late child, balarishta;

10. Sex life & ladies: love & sex, sexual behavior & sex desire, mutual attraction 12th house & sex, sex perversion, lover's guide, your sun sign in Hindu astrology, sex life barometers - Venus & Mars; Practical examples: selected horoscopes from the author's book shelf.

Comment: This is written directly for the end user, eg, women who want to know more about their lives. Inside the front cover it says this: This book is a departure from old Stri Jataka texts. In this book all questions of present society has been discussed astrologically. All brides, bridegrooms, people to be married, widows, widowers, lovers & beloved & others should take guide about their lives from astrological views embodied in this book. Dowry & fire deaths, inlaws, your husband suitable to you, all have been detailed to suit your temperament & to avoid bickerings, separations & divorce. Education, service & professions, suitable to the modern ladies can be checked to gain. Marriage & married life, love & influence of opposite sex, litigations, children, richness & poverty, diseases, health & sex life in ladies are detailed in a simple & lucid way.

Somehow a book written both for city women with busy, professional careers, and their country cousins, still subject to murder on their wedding day or flaming death on their husband's funeral pyre, seems a stretch to me. We in the west would like to think sutee (death in your husband's embers) & dowry abuse to have died out. Chawdhri says otherwise.

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