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by K.N. Rao

Synopsis: This is K.N. Rao's most popular book, though he himself prefers Yogis, Destiny & the Wheel of Time. The astrology in this book is solid, the writing style chatty & informal.

Bharatiya Prachya Evam, 256 pages. Continued below.
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About the author; Appreciation; Views from the United States; Introduction;

Section 1: Proof of destiny & wheel of time: 1. The wheel of time & destiny; 2. Tracing the life-pattern of MC; 3. A story from the Mahabharata; 4. Crime & guru's grace: Case study of a prediction;

Section 2: How Hindu astrologers predict events, based on Laghu Parasari: 1. Meaning of houses & planetary aspects; 2. Benefics & malefics, general & specific categorization; 3. Drawable inferences from the tables; 4. Rahu & Ketu; 5. Emerging principles of interpretation; 6. Malefic periods for each lagna; 7. Exaltation/debilitation of planets;

Section 2-B: Classical framework of predictive principles, based on Madhya Parasari: 8. Some basics clarified; 9. Rajayogas; 10. Dhana yogas; 11. Yogas for deprivation & poverty; 12. Benefic periods; 13. Interpretation of vimshottari dasha; 14. Results of antardasha; 15. Great principles succintly stated; 16. Final picture about planetary relationships; 17. What to see from each house;

Checklists for astrologers: 1. Astrological analysis; 2. Analysis of planets; 3. Close analysis of horoscope;

Section 3: Importance of Pratyantar dasha: 1. Methods of timing events; 2. Natural significator of Pratyantar dasha; 3. Birth rectification; 4. Use of divisional horoscopies; 5. Importance of propitiation of planets; 6. Love making periods; 7. Timing marriage;

Section 4: Why belief in destiny? 1. Astrology & karma; 2. Astrology, fate & free will; 3. Astrology & psychology; 4. Conclusion.

Formulating some astrological principles; Index. Appendix 1: On the contest between Lahiri & Raman's ayanamsha; Appendix 2: An appreciation by David Frawley.

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