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The AFA/Circle Books Astrological Wall Calendar

AFA Calendars: AFA/Circle Books Wall Calendar AFA's Pocket Mini

Overview: The annual AFA calendar is a tall affair. Opened, it measures 9 inches wide, 24 inches high (23 cm x 61 cm). (At 9 inches wide, it's bigger than my scanner, hence the cropping on the right hand side.) Notably it has no art, except for the outside card stock wrapper. On the top half of the calendar pages are charts for the new & full moons for the month (notably lacking the nodes), set for the White House in Washington, DC (the AFA was founded in Washington in 1938 & remained there up to the early-1970's). Also on top half is the month's Daily Index for Each Sign. As with last year, the monthly ephemerides are now in the back of the calendar. Continued below.

The AFA wall calendar is available by itself for $12.95, or with the AFA Pocket Mini, (for $16.95) as the Combo Set.

Published by the AFA


The month's Daily Index for Each Sign rates each sign, day by day, according to high Mental (green) or Physical (red) energies, with numbers running from 1 to 10. The numbers seem to be based on a preponderance of trines & sextiles (green) or squares & oppositions (red) affecting a given sign on a given day. It's an AFA invention.

On the bottom half is the month's calendar. Shown is a part of July, 2010, selected as July 11, 2010, is a solar eclipse. This is not what is indicated by the extra heavy black box arounnd the date, as all new & full moons are shown this way. New this year, solar eclipses are noted as New Ecl, while lunar eclipses are noted as Full Ecl. Underneath New Ecl on the 11th, you will notice the number, 351, with similar numbers given for all other days. This is the Sun/Moon angular separation as at NOON, Eastern Time (GMT - 5:00). You will note this number advances by about 12 or 13 a day, up to 360, when it resets.

Inside back cover, eclipse dates & the times of beginning & ending are given in GMT, but not the exact time of the lunar or solar eclipse, nor the zodiacal longitudes.

In the box for July 11, 2010, the upper right hand corner shows the moon's sign for the day. In the middle, the day's aspects, untimed. In the lower left corner, the lunar phase & the sun/moon angular relationship in degrees as of NOON, Eastern time. In the lower right hand corner, the time of the lunar phase, in Eastern, Central, Mountain & Pacific time, standard in winter, daylight in summer.

There are several days every month printed in green or red. Red dates show a preponderance of hard aspects (squares, oppositions), green dates a preponderance of soft ones (trines, sextiles). In those leftover squares in the month are a legend for reading the days, time zone corrections, void of course (ingress) directory. When the month runs out of room, instead of squishing the 30th & 31st underneath the previous Sunday/Monday (as is common with most other calendars), the AFA calendar displays them on the top most line, as with October, 2010.

Inside the calendar:

  • Inside front cover: A plug for Matrix Software & the AFA. Matrix supplies the calculations;

  • Page 1: Using the Calendar, which includes brief notes on Standard USA Time Zones, Daylight Savings Time, Aspectarian Times, Moon Void-of-Course, Stationary & Direct, Phenomena & Ephemerides. At the bottom of the page is an enlarged date from the calendar, showing the various daily features.

  • Pgs 2-27: The monthly calendar pages. The top side has charts for the New & Full moons for the month, as seen in Washington, DC. The bottom half is the calendar.

  • Pgs 28-31: The monthly ephemeris pages, set for midnight GMT.

  • Pgs 32-34: Calendar Features, by Michael Erlewine, including Four time zones, Monthly cycle of the moon, The aspects, Red & green dates (It would be a mistake to assume that red days mean a rough or hard time and the green days an easy one.), Daily sign index, Eclipses, Vision of the eclipse. Erlewine makes more of a fuss about eclipses than the calendar does.

  • Inside back cover: 2010 Phenomena & Eclipses, including Planetary phenomena, Circumstances of eclipses, Moon at perigee, Moon at apogee.

Save for the bar code, the back cover is blank.

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