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The World Spirit Tarot Deck & Book Set

by Lauren O'Leary & Jessica Godino

The World Spirit Tarot Deck & Book Set
Price: $24.95
Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 3.32 x 4.75 inches, or 83 x 120 mm. Wide.

Back of card: A large hourglass. Diagonally behind it to the left, a solid turquoise field. In the upper left-hand corner, a quarter of the sun. In the lower right-hand corner, a black sky with stars. In the extreme lower right hand corner, an entire crescent moon - which faces away from the sun. A thin white line sets the card off from the black border. Does not contrast well with the front of the card. Is not for inversion. Is ugly as well.

Book included: Yes, 163 pages, 3.4 x 4.92 inches, or 87 x 125 mm. Illustrated, though not all cards are shown. (Major arcana #2 is absent.)

Publisher: Llewellyn. Book printed in the US, cards printed in Belgium.

Comments: The World Spirit Tarot has the usual four suits, the usual major arcanas. Face cards are: Seer, Seeker, Sibyl & Sage. The title, "World Spirit" would indicate bits & pieces from cultures world-wide, but I found a pronounced Santeria influence.

In notes to the deck, the authors cite the influence of the Rider-Waite & Aleister Crowley tarot decks, which is obvious on many of the cards. Their own contribution seems to be a nervous piling on of detail. The Lovers card, for example. Male & female nudes intertwined, okay. Behind them are no less than four other figures. Two adults (one of them a satyr) urge them on from above (from the heavens?). Two cherubs watch from ground level. The juxtaposition is strange. Cherubs watch from above, voyeurs from ground level. In addition, we have roses, lilies, a foreground strewn with other flowers, a sunrise/set, far away hills & a night sky with stars. Other than the obvious (we love to watch strangers making it), what is the point here? The book says the adults are gods (Kwan Yin & Pan), but mortals, not gods, are clearly shown. (If you're curious, gods are usually the most elevated figures & invariably shown in the sky. It is often enough merely to show their faces. Unless a servant to some superior god, they are rarely shown doing anything at all. Cherubs, children yet-to-be, are always sky-borne.)

People will say I am simply being clever & I confess to that weakness. During the months where my attention is not on the tarot section of this site, new decks pile up in a box under my desk. When I find a few moments for tarot, I pick the more interesting decks first. I am often disappointed the decks do not stand close scrutiny. The creation of a tarot deck is hard work.

To return to our Lovers. What does it mean should this card turn up in your reading? Perhaps that you are being lured (sex is a powerful lure) into a relationship with someone of a different background. You will have to perform the most intimate parts of the relationship, for better or worse, with the "help" of all manner of onlookers (yours & theirs). These you will try to ignore (lovers face forward, away from figures in the background). It will be a sweet, though brief, experience (flowers smell sweet, but are short-lived). Soon enough, things will change, as the sun either rises or sets. If it should set, the two adult figures take on ominous overtones, as they are set against black hills & clearly want control. Should the sun rise, they will disappear like dreams upon awakening. The two children are evidence of previous good times, though not between the present partners. Together with the flowers, it would seem that our lovers are really just out for sensual pleasure. Nothing wrong with that. Is it possible that something greater than mere pleasure will come of the affair? Of course. Look to the subsequent cards for resolution. What do the authors say in the book? Essentially, that life is full of romance. They are either unable to see the details on their card, or are unwilling to share them with us.

Why pick on the Lovers card? Intertwined, inter-racial nudes have been seen before on that card. The four other figures & the overall blackness of the card (the entire deck is dark, for no good reason), grabbed my attention. The rest was mechanical thought-play. The result was an interesting discovery: This is a dynamic deck, in ways the creators seem not to have realized.

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