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Philosopher's Stone

the self awareness deck by DE ES Schwertberger

The Philosopher's Stone Deck
Price: $17.00
Number of cards in deck: 40

Measurements: Square cards, 4.15 x 4.15 inches; or 115 x 115 millimeters.

Back of card: Solid white with the four letters, DE ES arranged in two rows in the very center. Unless the cards are very spread out while mixing, you wouldn't really know if they were inverted or not. Heck, since they're square, you could have them in any of four positions.

Booklet included: No. There is a six page leaflet with extremely brief notes. There's also an extra card with a bio of the author (in German).

Publisher: AGM AGMuller. Printed in Switzerland.

Comments: Packaged in a sturdy plastic box, this is everything Rocks can tell you about life & the universe. This is not a tarot deck, there are no major arkana, no minor arkana, no suits, no court cards, etc. Somehow when I see stones in mid-air, I always think they are moving, generally towards the larger stone (gravity, I guess) & about to smash into each other. There is something reassuring in the massive, simple solidity of the stones. Though the images are simple, this is a very profound deck, one that repays slow, methodical study - rather like stone itself.

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