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The Osho Transformation Tarot Deck

by Osho, Pujan & Sarito

The Osho Transformation Tarot Deck
Price: $24.95
Number of cards in deck: 60

Measurements: 3.15 x 5.25 inches, or 80 x 133 mm.

Back of card: Pleasant, fuzzy warm orange circles. The center circle is orange-yellowish with a white vertical line in the center & six white dots around the edge. Can easily be inverted, though there are no definitions in the book for inverted cards

Book included: Yes, 144 pages, 6.4 x 6.5 inches, or 16.5 x 16.6 cm. Illustrated.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press. Printed in Hong Kong.

Comments: This is the third Osho deck (the first seems to be out of print). Compare this to Osho's other deck, Osho Zen Tarot.

The Osho Zen Tarot is purely visual. The book is an aide, but is not essential. The cards speak for themselves.

This deck is about parables, or stories. The cards illustrate key moments from the stories but - to me, at any rate - do not seem to be clear by themselves. Here are the stories for the eight cards shown, you tell me if I'm right:

First row, left to right:

Card 55, Sex. Sex, orgasm, yin & yang. Okay, this one was easy, even if the position is impossible.

Card 52, Repentance. This is the story of a great guru who is being put to death through amputation: first legs, then hands then tongue then eyes, etc. He is rejoicing & thanking his executors, because he can see God in each of them. Suddenly a friend throws a rose of sympathy & this annoys the guru because he knows his friend cannot see God. Okay, okay, sounds strange to me.

Card 54, Single-Pointedness. This is the story about a man who wanted to renounce life & be an ascetic, but one day he spies a quite ordinary woman going about her business in the marketplace & realizes the aim of one-pointedness is to be normal. Whereupon he founded Tantra.

Card 60, Laughter. Long ago in China there were three laughing fools. They wandered from town to town & wherever they went, they made people laugh & cheered things up generally. But one day one of them died. What did the two remaining fools do? Why, laugh, of course. And when they went to put the body on the pyre, they found it stuffed with fireworks & so everybody laughed & had a great time. The End.

Second row, left to right.

Card 1, No Mind. Your mind is like the sky, full of nothing. Clouds come & go, stars appear & disappear. Try as hard as you can, neither cloud nor star nor wind nor anything else can long leave a stain in the sky. It is & will always remain pure.

Card 6, Greed. If you are in tune with the universe, you have everything. If you are not, you are empty. If you are empty you become greedy. This card shows a bitter old man sitting at the base of a tree. He is greedy.

Card 7, Beyond Greed. This continues the story, this time showing a youthful man who is in tune with the universe & so has everything & is not greedy.

Card 12, Questioning. A man came to the guru on the mountaintop to ask many, many questions. But before he could do so, the guru poured him a cup of tea.... and poured & poured & poured until the cup ran over & the tea spilled everywhere. The guru said, "the cup is like your mind, so full of questions it has no room for answers." Osho doesn't say what the man's response might have been. Presumably he was disappointed.

Continuing a theme from the Crowley pages, Osho, who "died" some ten years ago, continues to work closely with the physical earth sphere. By the look of it, he has many well-trained students who are very sensitive to his continuing inspiration. This is a useful lesson for many of us: Though our physical bodies may die, our life, our consciousness goes on. What can we do in this after-state? Anything we like! Chances are we will continue with habits established during our physical life. Osho's habit (or life goal, if you wish), was to help & to love others, and such is what he still does. Of course it takes an exceptional individual to reach beyond the grave as wonderfully as Osho does, but it seems clear that we will all have some sort of life beyond our lives.

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