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The Tarot of Love

by Marcia Perry

The Tarot of Love
Price: $20.00
Number of cards in deck: 79. There is an extra major arcana card, Soul Mates, no. 22, shown above.

Measurements: 2.78 x 4.75 inches, or 70 x 120 mm.

Back of card: Dark sky blue background, with two red hearts pointing to the center, which is a small yin/yang symbol, printed in white & dull yellow. Except for the yin/yang, may be inverted.

Booklet included: Yes, one of the more lavish. 80 pages, 2.75 x 4.38 inches, or 70 x 110 mm. About a page on each of the major arcana cards, some a bit more, as well as notes on the minors. Booklet by Wulfing von Rohr & Gayan S. Winter.

Publisher: AG Muller. Printed in Switzerland, imported by US Games.

Comments: This is a highly stylized deck, which is what reviewers like me usually say when the colors are stark & simple & there's lots of irregular white space around the images.

Suits in this deck are:

Rods or Wands
Nuggets or Pentacles
Blossoms or Cups
Lightening or Swords

The notes say the Major Arcana is the same as most others, with the (typical) exchange of cards 8 & 11, Justice & Strength. But it seems that most of the Majors are renamed as follows:

0 The Fools - 1 The Magician - 2 The High Priestess - 3 The Mother - 4 The Father - 5 The Master - 6 The Lovers - 7 Companionship - 8 Balance - 9 The Seekers - 10 Destiny - 11 Climax - 12 Reversal - 13 Transformation - 14 Wholeness - 15 Entanglement - 16 Lightening - 17 The Star - 18 The Moon - 19 The Sun - 20 The Call - 21 The World - 22 Soul Mates

There are male & female fools in this deck, but the authors did not have the insight to realize these two must be none other than Adam & Eve. Tarot Erotica figured that out, but as that's an X-rated deck, you're going to have to go back to the tarot menu to find the link to go there & peek at them. No hyperlink shortcut!

Card 22, Soul Mates, is described in the book as a "carte blanche" or joker. Draw this card & you will deal with the transpersonal, celestial or supernatural aspects of a relationship. Which brings up the differences between soul mates & twin souls, or it does according to the authors, von Rohr & Winter. They define a twin soul as someone with whom you share an almost 100% identification & mutual understanding, without any erotic relationship (darn!). They define a soul mate as someone we are magnetically attracted to, even against our will. The relationship is primarily erotic & through this process many life lessons are learned. (This is not a bad definition of these two terms, by the way, though the terms themselves remain overly grandiose for my taste.) Draw the Soul Mates card & expect either a Twin Soul or a Soul Mate to arrive in your life eventually. To know which & when, look at the cards around it.

Also in the book are definitions of some of the more common images on various cards, including Hearts, Cranes, Rainbows, Blossoms, Waves, Yin-Yang & Sky. Rainbows, for example, show divine energy revitalizing us & our earth. You'll find one on the Fools card, above.

Looking at the cards, I don't find this deck to be much concerned with male-female love (with its inevitable romantic & erotic overtones) as much as parent-child love, love of animals & trees, an impersonal, philosophical, sometimes delightfully childish form of love. For each of the cards, the authors supply Conscious & Not Conscious (eg, upright & inverted) definitions.


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