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The Tarot of the III Millennium Deck

by Iassen Ghiuselev

The Tarot of the III Millennium Deck
Price: $19.95
Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 2.65 x 4.75 inches, or 67 x 120 mm.

Back of card: The Fool, slightly modified. Printed in violet ink with a solid violet background. On the background, a wiring diagram, I think for a stereo amplifier. As the Fool is the same size on the back as he is on the front, these cards are not for inversion.

Booklet included: Yes, in the form of a long folded sheet of 14 panes. Each pane measures 2.65 x 4.75 inches, or 67 x 120 mm.

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo. Printed in Italy.

Comments: A strange, bold deck. Major arcana cards are printed in a dark blue ink, monochromatic. Pip cards are the same, except for the small illustration from an ornate version of a Marseilles-type deck. Medieval art on the pip cards are overlaid with bar coding or wiring diagrams. Only the court cards are printed in color. Each of the court cards have a number of web addresses printed on them. When I tried one of the address in my browser, there was no such page (I think this is misleading). Illustrations on the court cards remind me of some of the more whimsical Lo Scarabeo decks (Gnomes comes to mind). Illustrations on the pip & court cards rarely seem to relate to the traditional underlying meanings of the cards.

Notes with this deck are more extensive than with most other Lo Scarabeo decks & include the personal comments of the artist. According to the notes, the court cards represent "the world beyond our unconsciousness & our perception. These colorful cards don't depend on us or our perception, but rather on situations, people, realities which exist apart from our choices and which we must face, good and bad." These two sentences appear contradictory & I don't think it's a translation problem.

At the beginning of his notes, the artist says, "The Third Millennium.... arrives as a great puzzle filled with hopes and fears." On the outside of the box is this: "I don't know if humanity is able to fully understand the transformations of this age, if it is able to live with the conflict between spirit and technology, between oneself and the madness which surrounds it. Please convince me that I'm wrong."

Dear Iassen, since you asked: The Third Millennium, aka the Aquarian Age, is fundamentally, inherently & innately materialistic. You were hoping that Bill Gates was just an abberation. He's not, though his ability to make lots of money is. The reason the idealistic Aquarian Age will in fact be so materialistic (look around you) has to do with the underlying ray structure of the age, which will be a combination of the 6th ray of idealism with the 7th ray of organization. The 6th ray has been around since the time of Christ, the 7th ray is brand-new. It is inherently materialistic, hence the flavoring of the Age, which is already upon us.

The Piscean Age (which has already ended) was spiritualistic. The Aquarian Age is not. Stripped of spirituality, materialism is as nasty as it gets. The key out of this mess is an enhanced intellectual ability. We're all familiar with rote learning. A civilized Aquarian Age demands far more than mere textbook learning. It needs intelligent clairvoyant awareness to escape the pits of hell. This awareness dives straight to the heart of religious spirituality & reveals it as the living reality it has always been. These essential tools were given out in the great occult ferment that lasted from about 1875 to about 1930. Regrettably, the academic elite rejected them. At the dawn of the 21st century there seems to be only a handful of kooks - like myself - who realize the importance of what has been lost. But not to fear. Like the Piscean Age before it, the Aquarian Age/Third Millennium will have its own inexorable logic. As with human cloning, we will find ourselves again & again in need of the tools that we do not have.

The Tarot of the III Millennium is the artist's question of what the future will bring. Let us hope it will be the future we all so fervently desire.

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