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The Fairy Tale Tarot deck & book set

by Lisa Hunt

The Fairy Tale Tarot deck & book set, by Lisa Hunt
Price: $28.95

Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 2.75 x 4.6 inches, or 70 x 117 mm.

Back of card: Solid cream base. Two skeleton keys in greenish-gray form a vertical shaft. Handles overlap in the center, the keys themselves are at the edges. There is a reverse S that links them. May be inverted.

Book included: Yes, 299 pages, 5.1 x 8.0 inches, or 130 x 202 mm. Includes black & white illustrations of the cards. Instructions in English only.

Publisher: Llewellyn. Printed in the US.

Comments: There is a glut of fairy tarots, including a previous fairy tale tarot (from Magic Realist). In this one, Lisa Hunt's version, delineations all start with,

Once upon a time . . .
Long ago [and far away] . . .
One snowy evening . . .
One winter's day . . .
Which is a lead-in to a fairy tale which more or less describes the card. These typically run two to three pages. There follows two paragraphs on Symbols & Meanings for the card. Here are the Symbols & Meanings for the Two of Swords, shown on the top line, second card from the left:
The coldness of the blue sword & the fiery burning of the red sword are incongruous & perpetuate stagnation. The Snow Daughter is decorated in crystals, snowflakes, and other facets of her cold, inflexible nature. The Fire Son boasts of foreful flames driven by an untamed ego. The lightning bolts & sparks exemplify intense anger & an irrational state. An orb of light separates the two in an attempt to balance the opposing energies.
* * * * * * * * * *
You may encounter opposition that will require you to proceed with diplomatic reasoning. In order to maintain balance between differing points of view, it is sometimes essential to let go of the ego & allow ideas to flow forth. If you do this, you may be able to defray conflict & create an atmosphere of harmony. (pg. 159)
Which is to say there are no inverted delineations. The fairy tale for the Two of Swords concerns a woman who was impregnated, alternatively, by an icicle and, then, a spark from a fire. Giving birth to a daughter who was cold & a son who was hot. Fire & Ice grew up & ran away together & lived in the cold, cold forest until one day a king spied the daughter & proposed. They were wed & lived in a cold castle happily ever after until one day the King desired a family reunion, whereupon his Fire brother-in-law came & burned him up. This annoyed his sister whereupon the two of them fought a duel to the death in which Ice was melted & Fire froze.

The cards themselves are muddy. Aside from the legends on the bottom, there is no obvious way to distinguish major from minor arcana, this suit from that, or, for that matter, court cards from pips.

My guess is the book is better than the deck. At least, for me, the stories were easier to decipher than the cards. Hunt has collected fairy tales from around the world. Some will be familiar, such as Little Red Riding Hood as the Fool.

The back of the book is priced at $16.95. Which would indicate it's available separately, but it's not. The publisher does not list it as a separate book, and - more telling - the book lacks a bar code.

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