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The Enochian Tarot Deck

by Gerald & Betty Schueler & Sallie Ann Glassman

The Enochian Tarot Deck
Price: $24.95
Number of cards in deck: 86

Measurements: 3 x 5.5 inches, or 76 x 140 mm.

Back of card: Solid dull red field. In the center, in a slightly lighter dull red field, magical diagrams: In the very center, a pentagram inside a hexagon inside a seven-pointed star, inside a seven-sided box, all inscribed in a circle. There are numerous magical sigils throughout.

Book included: Yes, 130 pages, 3.2 x 5.65 inches, or 81 x 143 mm. Contains numerous diagrams, but only two illustrations (the Babe & King of Fire).

Publisher: Llewellyn. Cards printed in Belgium, book & packaging printed in the US.

Comments: The Enochian Tarot is based on Enochian magic, which was devised long ago by John Dee & Edmond Kelly. One component of Enochian magic is the 30 Aethyrs, or Aires. These are used as the basis of the major arcana cards, which number 30, rather than the usual 22. (The numbering continues to card 86, Tnna, Demons of the Earth.)

And there are four Watchtowers, Fire, Air, Water & Earth. These form the basis of the minor arcana, in the usual fashion:

Wands are Fire
Swords are Air
Cups are Water
Pentacles are Earth

There are these correspondences between the Enochian system & the occult:

Enochian earth is the occult physical plane.
The Watchtower of Earth is the occult etheric plane.
The Watchtower of Water is the occult astral plane.
The Watchtower of Air is the occult mental plane.
The Watchtower of Fire is the occult causal plane.
The Enochian Tablet of Union is the occult spiritual plane.

Since energy follows thought & since most of us are emotionally directed, the etheric (eg, energy) plane can usually be found wrapped around the astral (eg, emotional) plane. Because of this, a lot of (non-magical) people cannot distinguish between the two.

The three primary schools of Enochian magic are the Golden Dawn, the O.T.O., and that of the Schuelers, the creators of this deck & authors of other books on Enochian magic. Interestingly enough, the artist of the deck, Sallie Ann Glassman, is herself a member of the O.T.O. The primary goal of Enochian magic, as the Schuelers understand it, is the attainment of knowledge & power.

In this deck, the first card in a suit (in other tarot decks this would be the ace) is the king. Cards 2-7 are called First through Sixth Senior (Senior of Fire, of Air, etc.). Card 8 shows the Higher Sephironic Cross Angeles, card 9 shows the Lower Sephironic Cross Angels. Card 10 shows the Kerubic Angles (of Fire, of Earth, etc.). Card 11 are the Archangels, card 12 are the Ruling Angels, card 13 are the Lesser Angels, and the last card in the suit are the Demons. Remember the entire deck is numbered, so after the first 30 cards (major arcana), the Fire suit is numbered from 31 to 44; Air goes from 45 to 58; Water runs from 59 to 72; and Earth goes from 73 to 86.

The minor arcana cards have an Enochian name across the top (presumably of an Enochian angel), with the name of the card on the bottom (Senior, Demon, etc.). The major arcana cards have Enochian names of the Ayres across the top & the name of an angel, thing or concept across the bottom. This is the list of things, in order:

1 The Babe
2 Babalon
3 The Magus
4 Cosmos & Chaos
5 The Arrow of Truth
6 The Urn
7 Love
8 The Holy Guardian Angel
9 The Daughter of Babalon
10 The Abyss
11 The Holy City
12 Glory
13 The Garden of Nemo
14 The City of the Pyramids
15 The Cosmic Dance
16 The Higher Self
17 The Balance
18 The Vault
19 The Priestess of the Silver Star
20 The Wheel
21 The Reincarnating Ego
22 The Void
23 Labor
24 Travel
25 Intuition
26 Reason
27 Solitude
28 Doubt
29 The Heavens
30 The Four Regions

Not a typical tarot deck. Enjoy.

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