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Arcus Arcanum Tarot Deck

by Hansrudi Wascher, under the direction of Gunter Hager

Arcus Arcanum Tarot Deck
Price: $18.00
Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 2.78 x 4.35 inches; or 70 x 110 millimeters.

Back of card: Bluish/turquoise field with black printing. Swirls in the corners. In the center, the vesica piscis, in front of that, the lemniscate, in front of that, a sword crossed with a wand. Above, a cup, below, a pentacle. Low contrast, so you will be able to invert the cards if you don't pay too much attention to the back. The booklet says, "there is no meaning in cards turned upside down."

Booklet included: Yes, 69 pages, 2.65 x 4.4 inches, or 67 x 108 mm. Some of the text is by L.A. Bronstein, perhaps all of it.

Publisher: AGM AGMuller. Printed in Switzerland.

Comments: This deck looks like a cross between the Prince Valiant & Brenda Star comic strips. From the booklet, we learn that "arcus arcanum" translates as "bow of secrets", or "mysterious bow". The booklet also says, "[this deck] has abolished the stringing together of symbols, which often creates the effect of a collage of unrelated parts. In opposition to that, this tarot has integrated the whole anatomy of the basic meanings of a card into a coherent, but none the less dynamic form." Aren't you glad the tarot guys can draw better than they can write?

Despite the fact these cards are meaningless when reversed, there are "A" & "B" meanings for each card. "A" meanings are the inner, spiritual, mental definitions. "B" meanings are the "outside aspects, ie, the manifestations of the outside world in a more general context".

Suits are Wands, Disks, Swords & Cups. Court cards are King, Queen, Knight & Page. The arch shown on the Magician card is an interesting motif. It also appears on the Sun card as a green hedge. All the King & Queen cards are nearly identical: A seated figure in front of a square pillar with beams branching off - as with the Queen of Disks, above. Makes us wonder how the artists decided on square pillars.

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