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Science & Astrology

This page was inspired by Vic, the astrophysicist. Science, as we currently think of it, was a product of the Age of Enlightenment, which I personally think was a mixed bag. At some point in history men's minds must stir from superstitious slumbers and insist on believing only what they could know, repudiating everything else. Modern scientific inquiry is the logical result. This is an essential step in the advance of civilization, but only one step of many.

Unfortunately science got stuck. "Science" has been locked into the materialistic mindset formed three centuries ago. Science will believe nothing but what it can hold in its hand or measure with some contraption. It repudiates everything else. This is puzzling as great scientific advances have come only from those scientists who made use of higher mental faculties, precisely those faculties which science itself repudiates. Like it or not, scientific advances can come from nowhere else.

So today "science" repudiates astrology as a matter of blind faith. Like all societies founded on dogma, the scientific community got stuck with a great many mediocre minds. Which leaves them open to outright fakes & charlatans. "Scientific research" of the occult has degenerated into mindlessly numbing statistical analysis (Gauquelin, and the current computer-driven chart analysis craze), sheer guesses at the mental/emotional/dream life of man, and rigorous, exhaustive, investigation of simple psychic tricks. Amid the constant clamor of "We proved astrology wrong again!", every now & then something novel emerges, but it's a sad state of affairs.

The flaws of the scientific method have been pointed out again & again over the last two centuries, to no avail. But for those who think I'm all wet, here's what I can find of the scientific method & astrology. The better books in this list are products of men with greater mental faculties. Some of the others are just a lot of statistics. Or wishful thinking.

Doane, Doris Chase - Astrology: 30 Years Research, AFA, $16

Ennis, Stephanie Jean - Twin Angles, self-published, $8

Ertel, Suitbert, & Irving, Kenneth - Tenacious Mars Effect, Urania Trust, $21.95

Gauquelin, Michael - Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior, Stein & Day, $15

Gauquelin, Michael - Planetary Heredity, ACS, $12.95

Kollerstrom, Nick, and O'Neill, Mike - Eureka Effect, The Celestial Pattern in Scientific Discovery, Urania Trust, $14.95

Landscheidt, Theodor - Sun-Earth-Man: A Mesh of Cosmic Oscillations, Urania Trust, $15.95

Rawlins, Dennis - sTarbaby, Fate Magazine, $1

Williamsen, James - Harmonic Chart Tables, Cambridge Circle, $8.50

NEW INSIGHTS INTO ASTROLOGY - Nona Gwynn Press, $19.95
Sex is a T-square, number symbolism, harmonics (extensive treatment of harmonics, arc transforms & more), aspects, asteroids & more. Some 61 asteroids mentioned in the text, with hundreds of heliocentric nodal points in alphabetical & zodiacal order. Notes on the failed New York NCGR suicide study of the 1970's & why computerized statistical "testing" of astrology leaves much to be desired! Paper.

Parry, Robert - In Defense of Astrology, Astrology's Answers to Its Critics, Llewellyn/Quantum, $9.95

Wolf, Fred Alan - Taking the Quantum Leap, The New Physics for Non-Scientists, Perennial, $18

How the day of the year of birth relates to disease. A small monograph - reduced shipping rates apply.

Addey, John - Harmonics in Astrology, Urania Trust, 22.95
Addey, John - New Study in Astrology, Urania Trust, 22.95
THE METAL-PLANET RELATIONSHIP: A study of celestial influence - Nick Kollerstrom, $12.95
When there were but 7 planets, there were but 7 metals. In alchemical manuscripts, planetary symbols were used to represent metals: Sun/gold, Mercury/mercury, Venus/copper, Mars/iron, Jupiter/tin, Saturn/lead, Moon/silver. Now we have Uranium, Neptunium & Plutonium, too. Electricity uses copper wires & so comes under the influence of Venus. Experiments using metals change when their planetary rulers form aspects & many more fascinating details. Planets & metals influence the modern world in surprising ways. Paper.

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