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On-Line Credit Card Order Form

TO ORDER ON LINE: Use this order form for on-line ordering.

CREDIT CARDS: We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Novis/Discover cards & for books in stock ship within 24 hours.

TO ORDER BY FAX: Check that your browser's printer driver will print the content of these boxes. If so, fill out this form, print it & fax it to: 1-410-569-1386. Then hit the RESET button at the bottom to clear the form so you don't accidentally e-mail it. If your printer won't print the content of the boxes below, use the e-mail link above, print & fax.

To order online, please follow the FIVE STEPS below:

Step 1: Name & Address

Please type your name below:

E-Mail address: Please enter your e-mail address carefully as we have no other way to contact you:

Have you ordered before? If so, please check this box.

Please enter your mailing address:

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If your postal code appears before your city name, enter the postal code & city name in the City box & ignore the Postal Code box:

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Country: If you live outside the U.S., please enter your country:

Telephone: For US/Canadian customers (optional). Please remember to include your Area Code. If faxing, your fax number, please:

Step 2. Payment Method

Please chose one:
American Express

Credit Card Number. Please enter your credit card number & expiration date. Separate blocks of numbers with a dash (" - ") or space for legibility:

Step 3. Order Some Books

Back & Forward, Copy & Paste. Use your browser's BACK & FORWARD keys & the COPY & PASTE options.

Go to one of the index lists (links below), find the book you want, COPY the title, use the BACK key on your browser to get back here, PASTE it in the space below, then use the FORWARD key on your browser to get back to the index, find another book, COPY, BACK, PASTE as before. Kind of slow, but works.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: To copy linked titles, start with the PRICE & SCAN BACKWARDS to the title. Otherwise, you'll trip the link.

Or you can just type in the titles & authors you like - no need to be fancy. If we can't make out what you want, we'll e-mail you.
Title Index Author Index Vedic Books Index Tarot Cards Index

You can also use this space for notes or comments.

We try to keep the above Indexes up to date, but, of course, books go out of print without prior warning. So the usual disclaimers: Prices subject to change without notice, stock subject to availability. We try our best to keep the entire catalog in stock at all times.
TOTAL. We will email with availability & total, usually in 24 hours or less. This also lets us confirm receipt of your order. (Be sure & make your own total for your own reference. Easiest way is to print the form before you send it.) For New York residents, we must add appropriate sales tax. Now it's on to the next step:

Step 4: Shipping Options

We use the United States Postal Service (eg, the Post Office) for all orders unless requested otherwise. We think they do an outstanding job at a great price.

International Shipping (including Canada)


Help with Domestic Shipping Rates

Domestic Shipping Charges: Please chose ONE ONLY:
Book Rate: $2.50/1st book, .50 each additional. Cheap & slow
Priority Mail, but e-mail me with shipping charges before you send anything. $5 minimum.
Priority Mail: Go ahead & send it!
Express Mail Overnight - discontinued, sorry
UPS Overnight - discontinued

Finished, US Domestic. Go check your work.

INTERNATIONAL, Including Canada

Help with International Shipping Rates

For help with Canadian rates, see note below.

International Shipping Charges: Please chose ONE ONLY:
Airmail, but e-mail me with shipping charges before you send anything.
Airmail: Go ahead & send it!

Premium Services: These cost a lot more. If you chose one of these, we'll email the cost & ask you to confirm before we ship:
US Mail Express - less than a week
DHL Express/2 days
UPS Express/2 days
UPS Expedited/4 days

Step 5. Check Your Work & Send Your Order

Check your entries. Check name, address, e-mail, credit card number, expiration date & books ordered carefully. Be sure & check a shipping option.

Changes. What if you change your mind after you send this? E-Mail us! . We'll be happy to change or cancel your order.

When you're finished, PRINT THIS FORM FOR YOUR OWN RECORDS (Ctrl-P on most browsers), then hit the SEND button below & your order is on its way! A printed catalog is included free with orders from new customers. If you need another, just ask us.

Confirmation of this order will be e-mailed (or faxed) to you.

Thanks for your order, hope you enjoy the books - David R. Roell, owner.

Back to the top.

Help with Domestic Shipping Costs

BOOK RATE: Cheap & slow: Shipping for the first book: $2.50. For each additional book: .50. So four books ship for $4. Delivery is usually one to two weeks, but has been known to take longer.

Books marked, "Little Wonders": These ship free via Book Rate if part of a larger order. If they're the only books in your order, then shipping for the first Little Wonder is $1.50, each additional Wonder is .50.

PRIORITY MAIL/FIRST CLASS. Two to three days to most anywhere in the U.S. Strongly recommended for Hawaii. Not as expensive as you might think & really fast. Our "official" rates are $5 for the first TWO books, $1 for each additional, but we can often ship priority for less.

OVERNIGHT. Now that we're in New York, ask us about this service.

Back to Domestic Shipping Choices

Help with International Shipping Rates

We take international packages to the Post Office, they give us their rate, we add $1-2 for packaging materials & charge you the result. If you like, we will e-mail with shipping costs & await your approval before we charge your card & ship your order. We believe our rates are the lowest & fairest shipping costs possible.

SURFACE. International surface is not much more than domestic book rate. Five pounds/2.5 kg of books costs $7 to ship. Eleven pounds/5 kg of books costs $13 to ship, and that's a lot of books. One to two months delivery & though we pack well, we cannot guarantee the books will not be damaged in transit.

AIRMAIL. Not as expensive as it used to be, but not yet cheap. We are sometimes asked for more definite airmail shipping costs than mentioned here, but given the different weights of books as well as different postal rates for different continents, this is not possible. A general guide: Atlases, 100 year ephemerides, etc., are among the heaviest books; Japan, Australia & the Pacific Rim the most expensive destinations. As a general guide, $100 in books will ship to Europe or Japan for $40-$60. We are happy to e-mail you the exact shipping charges before we charge & ship. Just check the appropriate box, above.

EXPRESS. DHL, Fedex & UPS make a big deal of Express/2-4 day international shipping, but the Post Office does the same thing, almost as fast, for half the price. If, for reasons of speed or security you need this service, we offer a choice of US Mail, DHL or UPS Express/Expedited services. UPS is cheaper than DHL.

CUSTOMS. Customs are your responsibility, but if smaller packages will help, we're happy to oblige. We're also happy to help if you need extra sturdy packaging. Just leave a note in the space above.

CANADA. Canadian airmail is not much more expensive than surface & both are reasonable. Four pounds/1.75 kg by air: $9. Four pounds/1.75 kg by surface: $6.

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