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MEDICAL ASTROLOGY: Healing for the 21st Century - Marcia Starck, $22.00
Contents: Foreword by Jeff Jawer; Introduction; 1. History of Medical Astrology; 2. Analyzing the Horoscope: Elements & Quadruplicities; 3. Planets; 4. Signs & Houses; 5. Asteroids, Chiron, Moon's Nodes; 6. Declinations & Fixed Stars; 7. Midpoints; 8. Progressions, Transits & Eclipses; 9. Diseases of the Immune System; 10. Metabolic Diseases; 11. Gastrointestinal Problems; 12. Cardiovascular Diseases; 13. Gynecological Problems; 14. Eyes; 15. Arthritis; 16. Alcoholism & Drug Addiction; 17. Cancer; 18. AIDS & HIV Infections; 19. Neuromuscular Diseases: Multiple Sclerosis; 20. Neurodegenerative Diseases: Parkinson's & Altzheimer's; 21. Attention Deficit Disorder; 22. Bipolar Disorder; 23. Schizophrenia; 24. Electional Charts. Appendices: A. Calculation of Midpoints; B. Anatomical Meaning of Zodiacal Degrees; C. Astrological Birth Control; D. Decumbiture Charts; E. Supplement Recommendations; F. Herbal Recommendations. Bibliography: General astrology; Medical astrology; Health & healing.

Comment: A fascinating discussion of medical astrology, based on the author's many decades of observation & research (this is her third book). For each of the many topics (listed above), the author supplies case histories, horoscope analysis, specific midpoints, transits & progressions, as well as suggestions for specific supplements & herbs. Appendix B: Anatomical Meaning of Zodiacal Degrees, is based on the work of Mary Vohryzek (out of print, alas). The descriptions bear a casual relationship to the work of C.E.O. Carter (Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology). Starck lists Carter's book in her bibliography, but apparently did not see the connections. All-in-all an essential & classic book.

Earth Medicine Press, 335 pages.

Contents: Introduction; The use of astrology in holistic health; Analyzing the horoscope; Other astrological data: Aspects, parallels, secondary & solar arc directions, decanates, dwads, asteroids, vertex, Chiron, fixed stars, degree areas; Midpoints & their use; Transits, including lunations & eclipses - how they manifest physiologically; Holistic health including homeopathy & cell salts; Allergic disorders & asthma; Metabolic malfunctions; Cardiovascular disorders; Eye disorders; Gynecological problems; Gastro-intestinal problems; Alcoholism & drug addiction; Arthritis; Cancer. Appendix A: Calculation of midpoints; Appendix B: Astrological birth control. Bibliography; Index.

Comment: This was Marcia's first book, from 1982.

Seek-It, 218 pages.

DECUMBITURES & DIURNALS - Joseph Silveira deMello, $16.95
Contents: Decumbitures; Diurnals; Appendix: Saturn cycles.

Comment: Decumbitures are charts drawn for the moment a person "takes to his bed", eg, falls ill, or, in modern parlance, when he phones for an ambulance. DeMello's first example is for Rudolph Vallentino's collapse on August 15, 1926, 11:50 am EDT, in New York, as reported in the papers & delineated by Evangeline Adams. (He died shortly afterwards.) Decumbiture is a medieval technique that's been successfully revived in recent years. Decumbiture charts tell the extent of the illness & its outcome, either recovery or otherwise.

A diurnal chart is based on your birthday. Using your place and time of birth, substitute today's date, and you have a dirurnal for the day. In effect, you have a chart for the day's transits, with angles unique to yourself. The degrees on the angles, from one day to the next, move about 1 degree a day. So you may easily see when a diurnal's angles will hit sensitive points in your chart, and when transiting planets will be conjunct them. This is a useful method of forecasting. The author gives many examples from his own life (born November 3, 1925, 6:04:16 pm EST, Newport, RI). This is a serious, solid book. (The spine of this first edition reads, Declinations, a publisher's goof.)

AFA, 123 pages, oversize.

THE ASTROLOGY OF CHILDBIRTH - Doris Chase Doane, $19.95
Contents; Esoteric significance of childbirth; Mental diet; Physical diet; Establishing delineation factors; Natal and progressed indications; Horary astrology and children; Sex determination; Astrology helps name your child; Baby and the color connection. 120 pages including bibliography and references. AFA, paper.

SIGNS OF MENTAL ILLNESS - Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D., $14.95
Contents: Facts and fictions; Astrology and medicine; The basics of astrology; New advances in astrology; The control group; Major depression; Anxiety disorders; Schizophrenia; Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; Addictive disorders; Famous cases; Time, place, and karma; The hidden order; Future directions. Appendices: Conversion chart for planetary positions; Worksheet for modern astrology charts; Declination chart form. 193 pages including bibliography and index. Llewellyn, paper.

THE HEALTH ZODIAC - Pamela Rowe, $17.95
Contents: Astrology and medicine - the pioneers; The twelve signs of the zodiac - physical health and psychological manifestations; Common factors of zodiac signs - the qualities and elements; The phases of the moon; Cycles of health - Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; Personal multi-cycles and world health cycles; Periods of lowered resistance and personal depletion factors; The onset of illness; Astro-heredity aspects - the astrological family tree; Additional interpretation of health factors. 180 pages including further reading. Interface books, paper.

Contents: Part 1: How to use this book; Tips & hints (food, diet); Detoxifying; Oxygen-giving supplements; The disease cancer. Part 2: Ten chapters (one per planet, Sun, Moon, planets Mercury through Pluto): Description of possible vitamin & mineral deficiencies when each planet is afflicted, food sources for missing nutrients, vitamin & mineral functions, symptoms of vitamin & mineral deficiencies, vitamin & mineral therapeutic applications, description of the medical function of the planet. By "afflicted", the author means by secondary progression & solar arc direction. Tables: Daily vitamin & mineral dosages, as indicated by brand name (somewhat limited & a puzzling arrangement), an afflicted planet worksheet, and a sample chart put on the worksheet. A practical, useful book. AFA, paper, 71 pages.

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