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Astrological Forecasting, page 7

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SATURN IN TRANSIT, Boundaries of Mind & Soul - Erin Sullivan, $19.95
BACK IN PRINT. Saturn's influence, its quest for meaning as it transits around the zodiac, helps us to destroy the old & outmoded. By throwing us into periodic chaos, Saturn encourages redefinition & regrowth & so becomes an agent of change (for the better) in our lives. Make Saturn your friend, you'll never regret it. Contents: The evolution of an archetype, the natural cycles of Saturn, the heroic round, personal heroic journey, transit of Saturn to the planets (new to this edition), notes, bibliography, index. 337 pages, Weiser.

TRANSITS SIMPLIFIED - Sakoian & Acker, $14.00
Contents: Keywords for the transiting sun, moon and planets; Transiting the sun, moon and planets through the houses; Conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions of the transiting sun, moon and planets to the natal planets. 227 pages. NESA, paper.

WHAT'S A DIURNAL - Maxine Taylor, $10.00
Contents: What's a diurnal?; How do you cast a diurnal chart?; Example charts - marriages, births, deaths, divorces/separations, new business ventures, miscellaneous, A congressional race; Patricia Hearst; When the diurnal doesn't work. 51 pages including author profile. AFA, small paper.

Contents: Uranus transits houses, and aspects sun, moon and planets. 48 pages. Self-published, paper.

PRIMARY DIRECTIONS I - Rumen Kolev, $15.00
History of the primary directions & foreword; Placidian & Regiomontanian directions; Some misunderstandings; Meaning of the directions to the angles; The celestial sphere; Coordinate systems; Transformationof the coordinates; Formulae of Napier for a spherical triangle; The horoscope in two dimensions; The primary path;

Parameters of the primary path; Global parameters; Common parameters; Specific parameters; How do we measure the arcs; Formulae & order of calculations; The ascensional difference; The upper & lower meridonal distances; The day & night semi-arcs; The quadrant;

The eastern & western horizon distances; Cases; Promissor & significator, directional arc; Notation; Examples with the chart of Adolf Hitler; Multi-event effect of a direction; Keys; Orbs; Mundo & zodiacal directions; Examples with the chart of J.F. Kennedy;

The assassination of J.F. Kennedy; Interpretation of the directions; Rectification; Periods & events; Breath & spread of a direction; Computer programs for primary directions.

Comment: Direct from Bulgaria, a brief intro to primaries in their various forms. The author is one of the leading living experts in this field. This book covers directions to the MC, IC, ASC & DESC. This book explains the many different keys to primaries, among them the keys of Ptolemy, Cardan, Naibod, Placidus, Kepler & others.

60 pages. Astro-Research Center, paper.

PRIMARY DIRECTIONS II - Rumen Kolev, $15.00
Foreword; The full primary path; Directions to house cusps; Gauquelin sensitive zones; Mundo aspects; Planet to itself in mundo aspect; Mundo parallels; Planet to itself in mundo parallels; Errors in the angles directions; Interplanetary conjunctions; Mundo parallels & aspectual through the algorithm of the interplanetary conjunctions;

Interplanetary mundo parallels; Interplanetary mundo rapt parallels; Mundo interprimary rapt conjunctions; Mundo interplanetary aspectual directions; Zodiacal primary directions; Rectification with primaries; Characteristics of the primary directions; The primaries in practice; Computer programs & primaries.

Comment: Direct from Bulgaria, a continuation of the first volume. This book includes classic Placidian interplanetary directions, directions to house cusps, interplanetary conjunctions, interplanetary aspects, mundo parallels, mundo rapt-parallels & zodiacal directions. Placidus houses were originally designed to work with primary directions. The author claims that no existing program will properly calculate primaries & has produced his own program, named Placidus. I wish I had a copy of that.

60 pages. Astro-Research Center, paper.

Contents: History of Regio directions; The basis of the primary directions; The Regiomontanian interplanetary directions; The Regio math algorithm; Zenith distance & pole computation; Practical computation of a Regio direction; How did Regiomontanus direct? Details; Mundo Regiomontanian primaries; Bibliography; The primary directions of William Lilly; Bibliography; Computer programs for primary directions & 3D.

Comment: What kind of primaries you get depends on the house system you use. Kolev has traditionally used Placidus cusps, as Placidus de Tito, the guy who devised the house system with his name on them, did so specifically for the sake of primary directions. William Lilly, who knew the work of Placidus, insisted on primaries calculated with Regiomontanus houses. How successful was he? Kolev explains the differences in great detail. Among his conclusions: Lilly used the Ptolemy key for initial orientation & the Naibod key for more exact results. Lilly directed only in direct motion. He also used solar returns & profections, which could influence weak primaries. A strong primary for Lilly could indicate an event as well as a period. Kolev sums up & says the accuracy of Regiomontanian & Placidian zodiacal directions are low. After research, and pending further research, Kolev prefers Placidian mundo directions.

Astro-Research Center, 60 pages.

Contents: Principles; The sunrise & sunset process; Arcus Visionis (AV), magnitude; The heliacal cycle of the stars, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn; Duration of shining, the heliacal cycle of Mercury & Venus; Average AV & brightness in the heliacal phases; The global heliacal cycles of the planets; The Babylonian calendar, lunar heliacal phases; Sand storms, eclipses, solstices, winds; Orientation of temples, culture, prognosis methods; The computer program Babylonia, Bibliography.

Comment: Kolev writes, The real Babylonian astrology experience.... starts & ends with the personal sky observation. Here are the principles, in brief: Light is the primary medium for communication with the stars. The picture of the celestial firmament, directly observed by the unaided eyes of the astrologer, is the essence of Babylonian astrology. The most important times for observation are the sunrise and the sunset. Every star [eg, planet] has a life cycle. The Babylonian astrologer looks at the sky with the eyes of an artist.

This isn't the page for Babylonian astrology, but this book fits neatly with Kolev's three other books. Like the others, it is brief but lavishly illustrated. Kolev makes celestial mechanics crystal clear. This book also includes some 14 color photographs, three on the front & back covers, eleven more inside. The inside ones are actual photographs, individually glued to the page, I believe these account for the price of the book. They are essential to the understanding of an astrology based on deductions from actual observation. Such an astrology cannot but be powerful. (Or, lacking discipline, wildly hysterical.) I would like to see this combined with lunar mansions/nakshatras. Something interesting might be found there.

Astro-Research Center, 60 pages.

Transiting Neptune through the houses & in aspect with the natal planets. The emphasis is on practicality. 43 pages. Self-published, small paper.

MAPPING YOUR FUTURE - Kris Brandt Riske, $19.95
Contents: List of charts; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Natal chart overview; 2. Predictive techniques; 3. Natal chart delineation; 4. Progressions; 5. Progressed planets in houses, signs & aspects; 6. Outer planets & eclipses; 7. Outer planet transits, houses & aspects; 8. Inner planet transits; 9. Inner planet transit, houses & aspects; 10. Relationships; 11. Job/career; 12. Money; 13. Relocation; 14. Health.

Glossary; Appendices: 1. Step-by-step guide to making predictions; 2. Map your future using the CD-Rom; Bibliography.

Comment: For me, this was the make-or-break book in the Mapping Your.... series. Riske is the author of a fine book on weather forecasting, she is also in charge of publishing at the AFA, so there's no question she knows her stuff.

This is a quick overview of astrological forecasting, lacking many useful details. We are told what progressions are, we are told what transits are, we are given tiny snapshot delineations of transiting & progressed planets, we are given one fully worked-out example (of David, born in 1966) and his sudden breakthrough job of 1991. Yet, for many of the chapters dealing with specific topics (Relationships, Job, Money, etc.) there is a smorgasboard of configurations (33, by my count), preceeded with, Listed here are the aspect configurations present at the time of marriage or commitment. Each component must be "active"; that is, each appropriate planet & angle must be aspected by an outer planet transit or progression. Usually there are multiple aspects, but it's only necessary for there to be one to each. For example, there could be an aspect to the progressed Ascendant/Descendant, but not to the natal angle. The same applies to the planets. (from pg. 142) Which, for me, was amazing. Does nothing happen unless it's indicated thirty times over?

Which makes me wonder if Llewellyn editors aren't to blame for the flabbiness of the Mapping series. There's at least three more books to come in the series. Dear Llewellyn Editors, Why?

The CD-Roms with the books are taken from programs by David Cochrane (Cosmic Patterns Software). They will calculate & display a chart & as an added bonus, also include the author's interpretation, keyed to the book. In this case, forecasts. This just might be what you're really buying for your twenty bucks, the book itself being window dressing.

Llewellyn, 216 pages.

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