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SOLAR RETURNS - Formulas & Analyses - Nance McCullough, $13.95

Synopsis: The best of the many solar return books. Not the easiest, not the simplest, the best.

Contents, comment.

Namac Publishing, 174 pages.

MODERN TRANSITS - Lois Rodden, $22.00
Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Transit Sun; 3. Transit Mercury; 4. Transit Venus; 5. Transit Mars; 6. Transit Jupiter; 7. Transit Saturn; 8. Transit Uranus; 9. Transit Neptune; 10. Transit Pluto; Quick reference glossary.

Comment: A complete, compact & inexpensive guide to transiting planets. Full text with subjective/objective notes on transiting effects, plus a Quick Reference Glossary of pithy aphorisms (Sun square Sun: Don't make a fool of yourself). In addition to the standard Ptolemaic aspects, also includes semisquares (45) & sesquisquares (135), but not transits to angles or transits through houses. Originally written for a computer program in 1974, this book has been in print since 1978.

AFA, 192 pages.

MOON TIDES, SOUL PASSAGES: Your astrological cycles for personal & spiritual development - Maria Kay Simms, $22.95
Contents: Acknowledgments; Introduction: A look at the sky; 1. Moon & the constancy of change; 2. Your moon through sign, element & mode; 3. The houses of your birth moon; 4. New moon & the waxing phases; 5. Full moon & the waning phases; 6. From obscurity to enlightenment - eclipses; 7. Lunar life stories: seeing the theory in the flow of life; 8. Living with the moon in daily life; 9. Experiencing your moon in spiritual ritual; Concluding reflections;

Appendices: 1. Getting started with Soul Tides software; 2. Solar & lunar eclipse tables, 1950-2030 (in GMT); 3. Public figure list; Bibliography & resources; Index.

Inside back cover: Moon Tides, Soul Passages Software, by Rique Pottenger.

Comment: Introductory chapters deal with the eight lunar phases, the eight lunar-based Sabats, delineations of the natal moon through signs, houses & mode. With the preliminaries out of the way, Simms gets to the heart of her book, the natal lunar phase, combined with your current progressed lunar phase. Simms's progressed new & full moons (etc.) are in new, full (etc.) aspects to the natal sun, not the natal moon, which is important to remember. She then goes on to chapters on prenatal solar & lunar eclipses, followed by Lunar Life Stories, which retell life stories of real people in terms of their natal lunar phase & progressed lunar phases. Among the people featured: Eleanor Roosevelt & Lucille Ball. Chapter 8 is a primer on how to use the daily moon sign & phase to your advantage (eg, Moon in Libra: being with others, shop to improve appearance, try a gourmet meal, etc.). The final chapter is on using the moon in ritual (the author is a practicing Wiccan).

In the back of the book is a CD-Rom of Moon Tides Software, which runs on IBM & Mac (with Virtual PC installed). I did not review it. A note on pg. 284 hints that it may have the full ACS US & International Atlases, which elsewhere sell for $195. There are some 17 full-color illustrations, paintings by the author & her friends.

Starcrafts Publishing, 308 pages.

PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY: The Eagle & the Lark - Bernadette Brady, $22.95
List of charts; The fable of the eagle & the lark;

1. The alphabet: Planets in predictive work; Angles in predictive work; Planetary cycles; Dynamic aspects; Houses in predictive astrology

2. Working with transits: Principles of transits; A case study of transits; Grading transits; Retrograde motion of transits; Orbs for transits; Feedback on failure

3. Secondary progressions: Unique features of progressions; Non-chart-related progressions; Chart-related progressions; Orbs for progressions; Interpreting progressed planets

4. Time maps: Setting up a time map; The art of storytelling; Case studies of time maps; A quick guide for using time maps

5. Eclipses & the Saros cycle: Eclipses; The nodes; Eclipse orbs for new or full moons; Frequency of eclipses & eclipse seasons; The Saros Cycles; The nature of an individual series; Working with the Saros Series; Practical questions about eclipses; Born on an eclipse

6. Older systems: Predictive systems; The failed Eagle; Returns (planets or luminaries); Personal planet returns; Outer planet returns; Luminary & planetary arcs

7. Conclusion: Once the lark sings.

Appendices: 1. Calculating secondary progressions; 2. Calculating of returns; 3. Planetary arcs; 4. Planetary conjunctions (1900-2050); 5. Outer planet conjunctions (1900-2048); 6. The Saros cycles; 7. Eclipses (1900-2050); 8. Eclipes in zodiac order (1900-2050);
Bibliography; Index.

Comment: The mighty eagle is powerful predictive techniques. The beautiful lark is intuitive synthesis. Good predictive work requires both. To do that, you need not only raw data, but techniques to use them. How to grade transits, also aspect grids, house system for charts, the zone of climax for progressions, development cycle for the progressed moon, time maps to show everything at a glance, eclipses in predictive work, notes on return charts & more. Her work with eclipses is innovative. One new technique involves the Saros cycle. She sets a chart for the initial eclipse in the series & reads it as indicative of the series as a whole. In the appendices you will find the Saros number for solar eclipses, but not for lunars (find both in deVore's Encyclopedia of Astrology.

Weiser, 367 pages.

Marion March
THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN ABOUT TOMORROW - Marion March & Joan McEvers, $14.95
Contents: Index of horoscopes in volumes 1, 2 & 3; Index of horoscopes in vol. 4; Data for horoscopes in vol. 4; Foreword; Introduction.

1. Secondary progressions; 2. The progressed moon; 3. Planets changing direction; 4. Solar arc directions; 5. Progressions & directions; 6. The changing ascendant & sun; 7. Transits; 8. Transits in action: Vincent Van Gogh; 9. Lunations & eclipses; 10. Cycles; 11. Solar returns; The lunar return chart; 13. Putting it all together: Margaret Thatcher, prime minister; Color charts & transit graph.

Appendices: 1. Instructions to calculate secondary progressions & solar arc directions; 2. Solar return math. To further your knowledge; Bibliography.

Comment: Examines transits, solar/lunar returns, progressions & directions. Color chartwheels show how to combine transits, progressions, directions & solar/lunar returns with the natal chart for effective, precise predictions. An approach evolved from years of teaching in the Los Angeles area.

ACS, 261 pages.

YOUR SOLAR RETURN - Cynthia Bohannon, $15.00
Contents: Your solar return; Erecting the solar return chart; The ascendant sign; Intercepted signs; Aspecting the chart; The solar return calendar; Health.

Planets in the houses: Sun, the great luminary; Venus, the charming socializer; Mercury, the communicator; Moon, the illuminator of the soul; Mars, the great energizer; Jupiter, provider of abundance & knowledge; Saturn, the character builder; Uranus, unique creativity; Neptune, the great illusion; Pluto, the great power; Lilith, the deceptor; Part of Fortune, Jupiter's little sister; South node, negative attitudes; North node, positive attitudes; Persephone, sweetness & light; Vulcan (Chiron), the great healer; Solar return graph, a chronology of the annual solar returns.

Comment: In this text, Lilith refers to the asteroid. Persephone is an inner planet, never more than 60 degrees from the sun, which, while still awaiting discovery, is nonetheless the ruler of Libra. Vulcan & Chiron are conflated & said to orbit the Earth's Moon. Books by Bohannon, Ted George (her editor), published originally by Arthur Publications, were channeled. The dedication in this book reads,

This book is dedicated to the Guides of the Solar Return & the twin spirits Ovensy & Lester who in concert with one another have brought forth to the world with patience & devotion this masterful work. It is a gift of love for humankind as they enter the threshold of the New Age. (pg. iii)

AFA, 85 pages.

TRANSITS - Clara Darr, $12.00
Contents: The table of contents of this book is actually an index. To summarize: Delineations for each of the planets (including the moon) transiting each of the houses; The effects of lunations in each of the houses; The effects of eclipses on planets; Lunations on planets; North & south node transits; Planets transiting the Part of Fortune; Full delineations of planets aspecting each other, Moon through Pluto.

Comment: From the back cover:

This volume contains definitions of each planet as it transits through each house in the horoscope. Major aspects to the planets are discussed, including the parallel, which is so important but an often overlooked key to basic interpretation.

This book is unjustly overlooked. The delineations, while brief, are solid & well-written. To me, these read as the results of hard-won experience from an astrologer with considerable expertise.

AFA, 126 pages.

THE KEY CYCLE - Wynn, $11.00
Part 1: The Key Cycle: How to use the sun motion table; How to set up the Key Cycle; The solar return; Place of residence; Cusps & planets.

Part 2: Interpretation; Conditions & attractions; KC chart of entire year; An actual case; The Key Cycle ascendant; Interpretation of planets; Time-Zodiac ratio; Log-splitting; Transits.

Comment: Once upon a time, Wynn was a guy like you or me, living his life via transits & progressions. Unexpectedly, he was nearly killed by a car not shown by any of his forecasts. Angry & upset, he set out to discover how & why. He found a method of progressing solar returns (day by day) that quickly became his most accurate predictive method: The Key Cycle, a variation on the solar return. Wynn observed the sidereal time (used to calculate house cusps) for two consecutive solar returns, set for the same location, advances 5 hours 48 minutes 46 seconds from year to year. Dividing 5:48:46 by half & adding it to the ST of the previous solar return gave him house cusps for a point in time midway between the two birth days. (The chart is completed by copying, from the ephemeris, the planetary positions for the date halfway between the two birthdays.) The result is the Key Cycle Chart for the date in question. We now call this chart a demi-solar return, but Wynn takes the idea much further. Using proportional tables, Wynn constructs Key Cycle Charts for every day of the year. This enables him to discover when transiting planets will hit angles on the daily KC chart & when these angles will be in close aspect to the underlying natal chart, thus triggering significant events in life.

"Wynn" was the pen-name of Sydney K. Bennett (1892-1958), an astrologer & magazine publisher. His near-fatal accident occured in 1926, the subsequent book, The Key Cycle, appeared in the 1930's. Complete calculation instructions are given in the book, but those of you with the Solar Fire program have a short-cut, as Wynn's technique can be found there.

AFA, 50 pages.

UNVEILING YOUR FUTURE: Progressions made easy - Maritha Pottenger, Zipporah Dobyns, $16.95
Contents: 1. Basics; 2. Long-term aspects; 3. Major cycle changes; 4. Progresed new & full moons; 5. Conjunctions, rulerships; 6. Conjunctions: planet/planet; 7. Hard aspects to the angles; 8. Aspect configurations; 9. Moon changing houses or signs; 10. Progressed aspects by Sun, Mercury, Venus & Mars, plus the big four asteroids; 11. Aspects of the progressed moon; 12. Examples.

Comment: The best part of this book is chapter 9, on the Moon changing house. It has a strong sense of reality to it. Otherwise, I wanted to like this book as there's not a lot of good books on progressions. Regrettably, the authors scramble houses & signs together (a trait of mother Dobyns, as this is a mother-daughter pair). Many of the planet-to-planet, planet-to-angle delineations are formulaic & repetitious.

Astro Communications, 310 pages.

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