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Chart Analysis, Chart Readings, by David R. Roell

I started a newsletter in 2007 as a way of selling books, but itís never sold very many. Instead, itís been selling me. Over the last few months many of you have asked for readings. Now it is time to honor my readers by giving myself to them.

If youíve read my newsletters you know the kind of readings I do. (See the list at the bottom of this page.) I am a chart analyst. I find details in a chart and make sense of them. While I can entertain by simply reading your chart, to get my best work you should have a question, you should make a demand. Because I read charts in great detail, Iím good with really hard questions. So donít be afraid.

Format: While Iím best with emails, I found them to be stressful. So I have decided to use the telephone instead. I'm still going to write things out, it helps me to grasp the chart in front of me. Sessions will be recorded, and while I can email the file directly to you, people prefer that I burn a CD and mail. Which I am happy to do. Sessions last about an hour, more or less. I want a dialogue, I need your input. The results will surprise you.

Of my work, a client in New York wrote,

In everything you have ever written I received answers to questions, connections and understanding to obscure visions, and doors flew wildly open. There is no price for that. Your insight into suggestion for me have been visions I have seen and didnít know what to make of and you nailed it.
Dang. That sure impresses me. She was not alone. Here are some more:

I Loved the reading. Really helped put some pieces into a useful perspective. . . . Thank you for your bold courage to reveal. . . . All in all, an amazing read. Just exactly what I was looking for! I especially appreciate your suggestions for the "NOW What do I do"? I love the direction to manifest my Leo nature. Just wanted you to know how well everything fit and explained for me. Truly you have a gift. I thank you for it. The picture is clearer now and more peaceful and more confident going forward. Singing, dancing, and proclaiming, Sharon (emphasis: Sharon. Not me!)

Here is one that is a little more sedate:
I think I'll stay on track writing all the while, as you suggest. Your insight into friendship + books = bad news is the fact that every time I've collaborated with a friend (more times than makes rational sense) it's ended very badly. Seriously bad bustups. I have stopped doing that . . . - B.D.
Here is another:
Well Dave, I'm putting energy into your idea and will provide you with a cut of the profits. I have nothing to lose except this costly nursing program I'm in. . . camouflage. . . Anyway, thank you for your kindness and for your insights. You are a breath of fresh air. Will keep you posted if you wish. I look forward to your next newsletter. Kick Some Ass! Again, I am in gratitude. - Stefi (No, I don't want Stefi's profits. My fee is enough.)
Four different people, with four different problems, with four different solutions.

These people make me out to be some kind of personal savior. If I am, then I am. All I want is give you the tools to be you. You don't need to be told what to do with your life. You don't need a "savior." All you need is someone to figure you out. Once you know who you are, you are empowered. You will know what to do and how to do it. You will "save" yourself. Far better than any fortune-teller, far better than me.

To arrange an analysis, use the shopping cart, below.

But the cart is not required. You can email me with your request. If so, please be prepared to phone or email with your credit card.

Or you can phone to make arrangements: 410-638-7761.

I take clients in the order they arrive. Currently I do readings in the evenings, US Eastern time.

Note to those overseas: If we can work out a mutually agreeable time and you want to hire me, I would be honored. With Google Voice I can cheaply call any land line anywhere in the world. (Cell phones are twelve times more expensive, alas.)

Chart Readings by Dave
Fee: $200.00

The shopping cart:
To arrange a chart analysis/chart reading, please give your DATE, TIME, and PLACE of birth. Please remember AM or PM. If you are uncertain of the time, please say so. I can sometimes figure the time out. Please also tell me why you want my services, so I know where to start.

Credit cards are charged when the reading is made, not when you complete the shopping cart. The card is merely being sent securely and will be kept safely.

Please note that I am an analyst. I want to help you solve a problem. I am not a fortune teller, I donít know (or care) when your luck will change, when you will get rich or when Mr. Right will walk into your life. I am not interested in a personal daily horoscope. To make the best use of my work, you should be willing to dialogue, and to put my solutions into practice.

From the Newsletter archives, here are some examples of my work. These are not clients. (In each case, go to page 2 of the newsletter):

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