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John Addey

John Addey lived from 1920 to 1982. He was perhaps the most outstanding British astrologer since Charles Carter. He is best known for editing the Journal of the Astrological Foundation, and for his work in harmonics. His famous book, Harmonics in Astrology, is back in print again.

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Introduction to the new edition; Dedication; Acknowledgements

Part 1: The General Theory: 1. What this book is about; 2. Introducing waves; 3. More about waves; 4. Down to work; 5. A conceptual framework for the symbolism of harmonics; 6. Harmonics in the diurnal cycle; 7. Harmonics in the ecliptic I; 8. Harmonics in the ecliptic II; 9. Harmonics in the aspect circle; 10. Recapitulation

Part II: Practical Applications: 11. The Navamsa or ninth harmonic chart; 12. The fifth harmonic chart; 13. Other harmonic charts; 14. New light on aspects; 15. Harmonics and 'degree areas'; 16. Harmonics in progressions, transits and other directional measures

Part III: Problems: 17. Some wave complexes; 18. What determines phase?; 19. Tropical v. sidereal; 20. Astrology, harmonics and the genetic code; 21 The relevance of other cycle studies. 22. Summing up.

Appendices: 1. A simple working plan for the individual or small groups of researchers; 2. Some points bearing on harmonic analysis. Index.

Comment: From the back of the book:

Harmonics in Astrology represents the first major attempt in history to develop a truly coherent model of astrology based on sound philosophical first principles & observational & experimental evidence. As such, this great classic is one of the most important books ever written in the field of astrology & should be read by everyone who seeks to arrive at a deeper understanding of astrological concepts & a truly reasonable basis for their study & practice. With his penetrating analysis & reconstruction of astrology's fundamental principles, Addey shows in Harmonics in Astrology that, apart from the planetary "gods" themselves, all astrological effects can be understood in terms of Number & Cycle. In so doing he reconnects astrology with its roots in the ancient teaching of Pythagoras & Plato whilst at the same time liberating astrological concepts from the tyranny of dogmatism & unquestioned traditions, providing students & researchers with a new freedom to explore the intimate bonds between heaven & earth.

Eyebright books, 262 pages, paper.

NEW STUDY IN ASTROLOGY - John Addey, $22.95
Acknowledgements; Foreword; Preface; 1. The problem of astrology; 2. Some philosophical considerations; 3. The work of Michel & Francoise Gauquelin: background; 4. The work of Michel & Francoise Gauquelin: results; 5. The harmonics of cosmic periods; 6. Harmonics as a foundation concept in astrology; 7. The concept of the spectrum of qualities; 8. The fourth harmonic; 9. Some metaphysical implications.

Notes on the original appendicies as planned; Appendices: 1. Astrology reborn (Addey's Carter memorial lecture 1971); 2. Discrimination of birth types in relation to disease (text of the book listed below); 3. Observations on the basic problems of astrology by Rudolph Tomaschek.

Comment: Notes adapted from the dust cover:

This book offers a stimulating & provocative feast of previously unpublished observations & insights. John Addey was in the midst of preparing this volume when he passed away in 1982. The various completed sections & chapters which he left have been pieced together with other previously unpublished material to provide a text in line with Addey's intentions. In this book, John Addey demonstrates how harmonic theory & principles not only clarify the work of Michel & Francoise Gauquelin, but also provide a systematic set of principles on which a wider astrology can be developed.
Urania Trust, 263 pages, hardcover.

HARMONIC ANTHOLOGY - John Addey, $18.95
Contents: Preface; 1. The search for a scientific starting point, part 1; 2. The search for a scientific starting point, part 2; 3. The discovery of the scientific starting point; 4. The basis of astrology, part 1 (with Peter Roberts); 5. The basis of astrology, part 2; 6. Astrology & genetics: red hair; 7. Seven thousand doctors; 8. The nature & origin of degree areas; 9. Harmonics & Hindu astrology, part 1, by Charles Harvey; 10. Five-fold divisions & subdivisions;

11. The maps of deliquents, comment; 12. The unity of harmonics, by Axel Harvey; 13. Michel Gauquelin strikes again, part 1; 14. Michel Gaquelin strikes again, part 2; 15. Sex of offspring & father's moon position.

Comment: For those wondering where harmonics came from, this book will be of interest. These are the major articles which show the actual sequence of ideas & discoveries that led to harmonics. They were originally published from 1958 to 1975, in the pages of Astrology (nos. 1 & 2), the Astrological Journal (nos. 3 - 10, 12 - 15), and, SPICA (11). For the anthology's original publication in 1976, John Addey added an introduction to each of the essays. A useful book, nice to have back in print.

AFA, 194 pages.

SELECTED WRITINGS - John Addey, $14.00
John Addey (1920-1982) is most remembered for his study of harmonics, which has had wide ramifications. He was for many years editor of the Journal of the Astrological Association & wrote extensively for it. In this book, brief essays: Astrology: & the birth of Christ, & the Dead Sea Scrolls, & Shakespeare, & Kipling, & Newton, & linguistic sounds, & criminal detection, & St. Augustine, & C.E.O. Carter, & JFK, & Churchill, & the Loch Ness monster & lots more. A great book for browsers. 228 pages. AFA, paper.

How the day of the year of birth relates to disease. A small monograph. The complete text of this book is included in Addey's New Study of Astrology (above). 26 pages. Cambridge Circle, paper.

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