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    from selected years, 1913-2006

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    AstroAmerica's Daily Ephemeris The first new ephemeris in decades. Includes Chiron. more info

    Astrological Judgement & Practice of Physick - Saunders Medieval astro-medical text from Franklin's own Richard. more info

    Astrological Judgement of Disease from the Decumbiture of the Sick - Culpeper Brief, intense, to the point. more info

    Astrology & Sex - Vivian Robson The most comprehensive synastry text ever. more info

    Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology - Al Biruni Keywords, over a hundred Parts. more info

    Carmen Astrologicum - Dorotheus of Sidon Triplicities, from 1st century AD. more info

    Christian Astrology 1 & 2 - William Lilly The famous horary text, entirely reset. more info

    Christian Astrology Book Three - William Lilly Entirely reset, a rediscovered classic. more info

    Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized - Charubel & Sepharial Before the Sabians, there were these. more info

    Dictionary of Astrology - James Wilson Intense, iconoclastic. more info

    Electional Astrology - Vivian Robson Classic text on electional, still the best. more info

    Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology - H.L. Cornell, M.D. 958 pages, the most massive treatise on medical astrology ever. more info

    Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology - C.E.O. Carter Specific astro formulas for diseases, personality traits. more info

    Encyclopedia of Astrology - Nicholas de Vore The best of the many astro dictionaries. more info

    Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology - Vivian E. Robson Still the best guide to fixed stars. more info

    Horary Astrology: The art of astrological divination - Derek Appleby Appleby's intensive revisioning of horary. more info

    Matheseos Libri VIII - Firmicus Maternus, trans. by Jean Rhys Bram Through the ages, the great rival to Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos. more info

    Mundane Astrology: books by Green, Raphael & Carter Comprehsnsive introductory text to political astrology. more info

    Prenatal Epoch - E.H. Bailey Conception charts & what to do with them. more info

    Primary Directions, a definitive study - Sepharial How to calculate & read, a comprehensive reference. more info

    Progressed Horoscope - Alan Leo THe best of the many books on progressions. more info

    Sepharial on Money - Sepharial Three of his books on how to make money. more info

    Tetrabiblos - Ptolemy, translated by Ashmand The most famous astrology book ever written. more info

    New Book(s) of Exceptional Merit

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    Angles & Prediction
    by Martha Lang-Wescott

    A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency
    by Regulus Astrology LLC,
    aka Dr. H

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    Astrology Classics

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    E.H. Bailey's famous study of birth & conception.

    The complete texts of:
    Law of Values -
    Silver Key -
    or Stock & Share Key

    Alan Leo's book on progressions, returns, transits & primary directions.

    Three flavors:

    Books published by: Astrology Classics / AstroAmerica
    - Complete list -

    The Astrological Judgment & Practice of Physick -Richard Saunders, $29.95

    Astrological Judgement of Disease from the Decumbiture of the Sick -Nicholas Culpeper

    Astrology & Sex - Vivian Robson, 19.95

    The Book of Instructions in the Elements of the Art of Astrology - Al Biruni, translated by R. Ramsay Wright, $12.95

    Carmen Astrologicum - Dorotheus of Sidon, translated by David Pingree, $21.95

    Christian Astrology, Books 1 & 2 - William Lilly, $39.95

    Christian Astrology Book 3: An Easie and Plaine Method How to Judge upon Nativities - William Lilly. $32.95

    AstroAmerica's Daily Ephemeris, Midnight - compiled by David R Roell

    Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized, two sets of degree symbols - Charubel & Sepharial, $14.95

    Dictionary of Astrology - James Wilson, Esq., $29.95

    Electional Astrology - Vivian Robson, 19.95

    Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology - H.L. Cornell, $74.95

    An Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology Charles E.O. Carter, $18.95

    Encyclopedia of Astrology - Nicholas deVore, $29.95

    The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology - Vivian Robson $19.95

    Horary Astrology: An introduction to the astrology of time - Derek Appleby, $23.95

    Matheseos Libri VIII(Ancient Astrology Theory & Practice) - Firmicus Maternus, translated by Jean Rhys Bram, $29.95

    Mundane Astrology: 3 books in one volume - H.S. Green, Raphael, & C.E.O. Carter, $24.95

    The Prenatal Epoch - E.H. Bailey, $23.95

    Primary Directions, A Definitive Study - Sepharial, $17.95

    The Progressed Horoscope - Alan Leo, $29.95

    Sepharial On Money - Sepharial, $19.95

    Tetrabiblos - Claudius Ptolemy, translated by J.M. Ashmand, $19.95

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